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Thread: Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400

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    Post Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400

    This is a method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400. Here, I take MTM5200 350-390MHz MT853C as an example, as shown in the figure. MTM5200 350-390MHz MT853C and MTM5400 350-390MHz MT853C both have the same MT853C suffix because their hardware is the same

    1,Firstly, use the Create Codeplug function to create a new Codeplug, and then select the MTM5400 model that has the same hardware as your MTM5200. Here, I choose MTM5400 350-390MHz MT853C

    2. Choose the correct code plugin version, and the newly created code plugin structure version should be the same as the original version. I have provided an explanation in the following image on how to choose the correct Codeplug structure version

    3. Input data from the original radio station, such as SN, TEL, ISSI, etc., into the newly created Codeplus (this is not a mandatory option)

    4. Select Write Entire Codeplus and flash the Codeplus of MTM5400 to your MTM5200

    5. The next step is to wait. After the progress bar is completed, you will receive MTM5400

    Using this method to brush MTM5400 can unlock the power level of MTM5400, level 2 (10W power), but it needs to be done in CPS PLUS

    This method may cause a decrease in radio sensitivity and other performance
    It's best to backup the entire flash data before upgrading (I think this is a good habit)
    Before flashing, please first "Export Sensitive Data" and then "lmport Sensitive Data" after flashing to see if this behavior is beneficial in offsetting performance degradation or helpful. I am unable to verify at this time!

    Forgive me for using machine translation, there may be some confusion in word order

    If this is helpful for you, please don't forget to give me a reputation
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    Default Re: Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400

    What about original tuning data? It will be gone with your method.

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    Default Re: Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400

    First: read the MTM5200 and from the cpg export sensitive data. Save the file (it has the tuning parameters).
    After upgrade read the "new" MTM5400 cpg file. Import the saved sensitive data file.
    Write the MTM5400.
    You don't need any re-alignment.

    This was my original post on this site about a year ago with a detailed step-by-step guide:

    If you want an MTM5400 from the MTM5200:
    Read radio CP (MTM5200)
    Export Sensitive datas (from the MTM5200 codeplug)
    Create new CP with MTM5400 definition (matching current FW in radio)
    Import Sensitive Datas (to the new MTM5400 codeplug)
    Force-write CP to radio

    Done, now you have one working MTM5400 radio.

    To match the faceplate and the radio frirmware (must be the same version) you need the front USB Programming Lead HKN6184 too.

    Now comes the hard part, as there is a chance that the MTM5200 will crash during the process and won't work anymore:

    To flash the radio you must modify the PMKN4105 cable (with other cable it won't go):
    PIN 6 = Flash pin on rear, disconnect power from radio and apply +12V from same PSU as radio is connected to pin 6 on accessory connector with programming lead attached (just go through accessory connector or add another pin).
    Start CPS+ Depot.
    Custom secure.
    Under AIS file select your bin file (you need FREON file too).
    DO NOT CLICK wait for bootme.
    When you click START as soon as you press it apply power to radio, timing essential, radio should scroll down messages in window then say DONE, if not keep trying the procedure.
    Then you can use "detect radio on rs232 port", write entire codeplug to radio, then write appropriate firmware.
    Now you have a working MTM5200 again.
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    Default Re: Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400

    Yes, I used the programming cable for the front panel interface and checked to ensure consistency between the control head and receiver when upgrading the radio station. I think that's why I blinked smoothly to MTM5400 without encountering any other issues.
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    Default Re: Method of flashing MTM5200 to MTM5400


    This is a very basic and dirty method that should not be used by anyone at all. Because your radio is now totally out of tune and works like a piece of sh*t. This is not the TETRA radio anymore, but a nice toy for hammies (with the potential to be sold in the future with a very polite description like "Line new tested works fine").

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