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Thread: Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro emulation

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    Default Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro emulation

    Hi all,
    Spent a good few weeks going at this, having trawled a hundred dead forums on the subject, but I think I've hit a wall.
    It's either something super obvious or an actual issue I've ran into, but either way I'd love any help regarding.
    (It probably does not help that I am using a right hodge podge of softwares to do this as basically all the links I can find are either dead or locked behind forum membership.)

    So, to give a quick run down, at my work we use a program called TopSolid 2003 (dont ask, its not gunna change). It relies on an old parallel rainbow sentinel superpro to function, and otherwise it runs fine on our Win 10 64bit computer.
    We also have access to our old Win7 32bit computer that we used to run TopSolid on, which is where I have mostly been troubleshooting since Toro monitor etc only work on 32bit.
    I have dumped the SuperPro with a multitude of tools I have found, including PVA 3.3 and SSP2MK. Solved them with both DMP2MKEY and SSP2MK, and ran them through 2 different version of Multikey now on both 32bit and 64bit. (MK versions 18.0.3 and 19.1.8 as these are the versions I could actually find.)

    I am yet to have any success in actually launching TopSolid, the best I have achieved is the program recognising the key but claiming it is broken.

    Any and all help would be appreciated, if any extra information / files would make this easier, let me know and I will supply them.

    My registry key:

    Toro logs for both the physical key and emulated key:
    (I also have screenshots of Toro monitor if they help)
    - Physical:
    - Emulated:

    Original dump:

    Again, any and all help would be appreciated. I would love to finally nail the issue here.
    - Logan

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    Default Re: Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro emulation

    and enjoy...

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    Default Re: Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro emulation

    My word, works like a dream!
    Thank you so much! I knew it had to be something simple but I didnt think it would literally be one character causing it haha
    You're a life saver my friend

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