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Thread: Help with license generation

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    Default Help with license generation

    I recently purchased a key for delfoi arc 4.1 from a third party seller. The seller issued me a key that expires after a year and is locked to my PC.
    Delfoi uses visual components 4.1. I was able to decrypt the key and get the information needed to generate a new key with no restrictions but here's the thing. The seller also supplied a couple other license files that i'm not familiar with.

    One file is called 1B99SPWAS4M6GPH.de4.

    Its contents FEATURE:ARC4:#*1B99SPWAS4M6GPH:exp_20220713:ddcdbebc29a47fc269a2d0a9e017a8a824d29136d6fdd1de336ec67993218fba FEATURE:OEM4:#*1B99SPWAS4M6GPH:exp_20220713:187ed9a308f21017495e40ff5ed2b429c8439bf979902c2008f0d95a700b0b20

    Im not sure what software is generating this file. I know the name *1B99SPWAS4M6GPH is related to key lock to my PC and the expiry date. The following appears to be an SHA256 hash of something.

    The second file is called A python key? idk. Is anyone familiar with this software and the generation of these keys.
    The main key, Lservrc.dat, I was able to decrypt and regenerate using Wlscgen 8.5.3 so there was no PC lock or time limit. I wish to know more about those other 2 license files and their creation.

    I have other software that was also created with visual components 4.1 and it only used the lservrc.dat file. I was able to regenerate that key aswell but the software did not require these other key files.

    I know its a long shot but im hoping someone might know something.

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