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Thread: Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers

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    Default Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers

    Rebecca Lee Hammons, Ronald J. Kovac, "Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers"
    English | 2019 | ISBN-13: 9781138610859 | 381 pages | EPUB | 20.5 MB

    The IoT is the next manifestation of the Internet. The trend started by connecting computers to computers, progressed to connecting people to people, and is now moving to connect everything to everything. The movement started like a race - with a lot of fanfare, excitement, and cheering. We're now into the work phase, and we have to figure out how to make the dream come true.

    The IoT will have many faces and involve many fields as it progresses. It will involve technology, design, security, legal policy, business, artificial intelligence, design, Big Data, and forensics; about any field that exists now. This is the reason for this book. There are books in each one of these fields, but the focus was always "an inch wide and a mile deep." There's a need for a book that will introduce the IoT to non-engineers and allow them to dream of the possibilities and explore the work venues in this area. The book had to be "a mile wide and a few inches deep." The editors met this goal by engaging experts from a number of fields and asking them to come together to create an introductory IoT book.

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