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Thread: moshell20.0c

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    Default moshell20.0c

    Moshell 20.0c


    keep learning

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    Lightbulb Moshell20.0d

    Here you have Moshell 20.0d.

    There are quite a few changes from the previous version, mostly on speed for inv (which takes a while to load on Baseband units), 5G new HW support and a lot of bug fixes/corrections.
    (no password or whatsoever needed)

    Please leave some rep/thanks.

    Thank you!

    CHANGES IN v20.0d (2020-04-06)

    - pme: new options "x", "y", "z" for collection of RNC UEH exception files (applicable from RNC 20.Q2). Type "h pme" for info.
    - pme: the time options "-m" and "-p" now support specifying days. Type "h pme" for info.
    - invl: prints a WRAN feature consistency check in RNC/WRBS/MSRBS (to inform if incompatible features are activated)
    - sdi: maps ExternalPower alarms toward the affected CPRI links
    - sdi: new fault codes introduced to report SFP EPROM checksum faults
    - pget: faster reading speed when reading large number of counters simultaneously
    - invx/sdi: faster reading speed when connected to MSRBS >= 20.Q2. MR3780 (more info in moshell/moshell, check description of uservariable "use_sfpdump")
    - invx/sdi: indication about SFP with faulty EPROM checksum is now marked in the vendor column only with CKSFAIL indication. Type "h invx" for info.
    - trg: new option "-f <faultString>" to search for specific faults. Type "h trg" for info.
    - dbc/dbd/dbcv: the uservariable use_dbdump is now set to 1 per default. Refer to info in moshell/moshell for more details about this uservariable.
    - scripts: new script moshell/commonjars/scripts/nr_ues.mos to show details of all 5G connected UEs.

    - diff: updated PARAM files up to 20.Q1
    - cvcu/cvls/upid: SW release translation tables updated until 20.Q1
    - inv/lmidh: updated RU HW translation tables to support latest Radio HW types
    - invl: updated license CXC/FAJ translation and restricted features information up to 20.Q1
    - momi/geti/seti/diffi: updated to support internalmom attributes up to 20.Q1
    - trg: updated TRGenerator to version 20e
    - acc: the action BrmRollbackAtRestore.confirmRestore was not working properly on COM nodes (polling forever after the action)
    - cr: was not working on GNB MO classes NRSectorCarrier and ExternalEUtranCell.*******.se/m...0.view.938.3.0
    - dcgm: added collection of RNC UEH Exception basic files for last 28 days (applicable from RNC 20.Q2)
    - dcgm: added collection of RNC command abtr_fro_remoduling
    - dcgm: added syncriethcontrol info all;syncriethlocal info all
    - dcgm: added ue capability_histogram -print all -percent for G1 and G2
    - dcgm: fixed bug ENB/GNB UE Trace ROP files were not being collected from /pm_data
    - dcgm: only collect bbicdump on RBS G2 >= 19.Q2. TR HY25262
    - del/rdel: was not working properly on GNB MO class NRCellCU, deleting children/references in wrong order
    - del: was not working properly on UpgradePackage MO in COM nodes, showing wrong MO LDN getting deleted
    - diffo: now excludes comparison for certain MO classes listed in the uservariables diffo_exclude_moclasses (in particular the Pm-related MO classes in DUS Gen2)
    - ftget: was not working from local volumes in Evo8300 (eg: ftget 002600!/d/usr)
    - ftget/ftput: was using wrong timeout uservariable: inactivity_timeout instead of ftp_timeout
    - fte: "fte s" was not working properly on EMCA processors*******.se/m...0.view.940.3.0
    - general: comment lines started with double-slash ("//") are now not printed in logfiles created by l+
    - general: exceptions coming from cr/set/del/acc commands on COM nodes were showing non-translated XML characters like "&apos;"
    - general: fixed security TR HY17895******...rowse/DAFH-271
    - general: http transfer failed when using very long destination folder path (path longer than 200 characters)
    - general: updated jacorb/jacoms to latest versions.
    - general: incorrect MOM version generated on vRAN nodes (RCS_NODE_MODEL instead of MSRBS_NODE_MODEL)
    - general: incorrect MOM version generated on MSRBS nodes with LTE+NR SW
    - general: the printout of the coli commmand "3gsim lr" was sometimes hanging
    - goxb: the printout was sometimes hanging due to going in pager mode
    - gpg: was not adding the "esidec" extension on files
    - hget: was printing unnecessary empty rows when reading attributes of type sequence:Struct.
    - inv: incorrect LED status was displayed on RNC CCIB boards for blinking leds.
    - invx/sdi: incorrect cell state "R" (primaryPlmnReserved=true) was displayed in certain cases
    - invx/sdi: was not showing the correct CPRI rate on AIR32xx (10.1G instead of 10.3G)
    - invx/sdi: was not showing SFP diagnostics for AIR3283
    - invx/sdi: was showing CPRI links with empty link state (should be showing Up or Down)
    - invx/sdi: the SFP production date was sometimes corrupted
    - invx: added support to show the VSWR on RRUs using the "VSWR light" feature (2203,4402,4408)
    - invx: now only runs "par get CONTAINER_HW" command on applicable radio types (AIR11/AIR21/AIR32) to save time.
    - invx: showing wrong number of RF ports on RRU2468******...owse/LCDC-4730
    - invx: the board type was sometimes missing in the HW table on Gen1 nodes.
    - invx: the gUEs field (number of connected 5G UEs in each RF port) was not populated on customer nodes (i.e. nodes without TESTMOM)
    - invx: was showing incorrect TX/RX power on RRU2260, RRU2262, RRU2279
    - lgk: erlang (lgk -x erl) was not displayed properly
    - mfs: was not working on DUS Gen2 nodes connected to a IPv6 log export server
    - mon: the $moncommand was faulty for Linux nodes (Evo8300 and DUS Gen2), pointing to localhost instead of the workstation hosting the relayd.
    - moshell_install: the new option "-m" introduced in 20.0c was not working properly
    - pmed: updated to use ltng-decoder instead of on RNC >= 20.Q1 (as is only supported until 19.Q4)
    - pmxe: added some throughput and ESS related formulas in the NR formula file
    - progkill: was not working on Evo8300
    - sdi: was not showing VSWR on WRBS Gen1 nodes
    - sdi: was showing faulty CPRI links with unknown fault code and no recommended action
    - set: was not working properly on certain 5G attributes, giving incorrect recommended value
    - str: was showing incorrect cell/channel availability percentage on RNC with cells in TPS ShuttingDown state

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    Default Re: Moshell20.0d

    Here you have Moshell 20.0n.

    There are quite a few changes from version d in the previous post, with changes on PMR and a few new scripts. Make sure you backup your old scripts, or copy them to this new Moshell release.
    (no password or whatsoever needed)

    Please leave some rep/thanks.

    Thank you!

    CHANGES IN v20.0n (2020-10-12)

    - bp/invx: was hanging forever on certain MSRBS CPRI configurations

    CHANGES IN v20.0m (2020-10-12)

    - scg/scw/scd: now supports Namespace. Type "h sc" for info.
    - general: the market name of Baseband boards (eg BB5216, BB6630 etc) is now shown instead of the product name (DUS52, DUS53, etc). Impacts commands such as invx, bp, lgg, etc. Can be reverted to old behaviour via the uv use_market_name.
    - general: upgraded to openSSH 8.3p1 on linux and cygwin
    - monu: new options "s" and "e" (monus, monue) for silent mode trace streaming of EMCAs in MSRBS. Type "h monu" for info.
    - encpw: now supports to save a encrypted password to a variable, eg: encpw mypassword > $var. Type "h encpw" for info.
    - lg: added support for vMTAS/vCSCF nodes (comcli=42). Type "h lg" for info.
    - pmr/pmxe: added KPI formulas and reports for vMTAS/vCSCF nodes (comcli=42).

    - ala: the addional text was sometimes showing ManagedElement:1 instead of ManagedElement=1
    - cvcu/cvls/upid: SW release translation tables updated until 20.Q3
    - cvget: was showing incorrect number of CVs when transferring multiple CVs from CPP nodes.
    - dcgm: now shows a warning when MSRBS coli printouts missing due to ldap user lacking certain roles
    - dcgm/fetchLteTraceConversionFiles.mos: was not fetching all the available files for DUS G3 (BB664x,RP63xx)
    - dcgm: added command "enodeb genbid"
    - dcgm: fixed issue with collection of detailed printouts from tnrh-session
    - dia: various updates and corrections. Type "h dia" for info.
    - general: HcRule MOs are now filtered out from MO printouts in certain cases based on the MO filter string. MR MR6373-SP4. More info in the file moshell/moshell uservariable use_hcrule_filter
    - general: MO write commands (set/cr/del/acc) are now run over netconf by default for NETSIM nodes.
    - general: incorrect naming of the MOM fragments in certain cases (where spaces existed with the name tags)
    - general: more support for Evo8300 feature "No access to OS" MR 0937/08073
    - general: password was stored in non-encrypted format on cygwin. TR HY17877/DAFH-248
    - general: parsing a vMTAS/vCSCF modump in offline mode was very slow.
    - amos: incorrect log folder permission on the $logdir/oru folder.
    - amos: ram_limit lowered to 512M on VMs with less than 4GB RAM. TORF-468293
    - gr: various updates and corrections. Type "h gr" for info.
    - help: updated the UG chapter 2.8 to describe port handling behaviour in moshell.
    - inv/bp: was sometimes showing DUS5201 instead of BB6318
    - inv: was producing wrong value for $returncode when no ropfiles available on the node.
    - invx/sdi: incorrect SFP TX/RX power was sometimes shown on XMU/RU
    - invx/sdi: C2 links were shown as down when the far-end FRU was disabled, eventhough both RiPorts were up. TR HY65695.
    - invx/sdi: was not showing SFP diagnostics on AIR3227
    - invx: was not showing board temperature for RRU2012
    - invxg: was not able to draw the CPRI connections downstream of a disabled FRU
    - inv/lmidh: updated RU HW translation tables to support latest Radio HW types
    - lgd: incorrect RATs downtime in MSRBS, sometimes showing much longer downtime than actual.
    - lgd: was sometimes showing MSRBS manual restarts with two restart entries, a spontaneous followed by a manual.
    - lgg: taking very long time to run when many consecutive RU restarts marked with 2000-01-01
    - lgn: was showing the sftp password entered in the orsd command.
    - monu: was not working properly for AAS EMCA trace streaming
    - orfe: now shows the destination path where the files have been exported
    - orfe: was incorrectly showing successful transfer in certain cases (eg when export_method=2)
    - pcr: was not working properly with "include_nonpm=1" on MGW.
    - pme/ftget: skip duplicated CellTrace ROP files on MSRBS
    - pmr/pmx: not working properly when parsing a mix of compressed and non-compressed ROP files
    - pmr: a number of errors were being printed in WRBS reports (G1 and G2)
    - del/rdel: was not working on ExternalENodeBFunction
    - rdel: was accidentally deleting large number of MOs on CPP nodes when a CV change occurred during the deletion. TR HY57192 , CSR 3739491
    - sdi: C2 links were being shown as OKW instead of OK due to BER not yet supported on C2.
    - sdi: the recommended action for link disabled due to ExternalPower or FieldReplaceableUnit alarm was misleading.
    - sdi: toggling alarm was sometimes not shown in offline mode to dcgm
    - sdi: updated the SFP selector tables to support latest HW/SFP combinations.
    - sdi/invxu: VSWR was sometimes not shown for multi-band radios
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    Default Re: Moshell20.0d

    Tnx for the post of the 20.0p version.
    I have a very old version of 'cygwin_install.txt', maybe back to v16. Has it changed? Is there a new version of that?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Moshell20.0d

    can we install on window 10?
    unable to install?



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