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Thread: CRS Port Number 2 vs 4 -- LTE -- Huawei

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    Default Re: CRS Port Number 2 vs 4 -- LTE -- Huawei

    Do you have Skype?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fahmi View Post
    Dear, for my case it's not CPE but ordinary 2T2R smartphones. Could you please share the document you are refering to ? My problem is with the value of RS Power reported in SIB 2. I set it to 15.2, but when CRS 2 it's reported as 18.2 and not 15.2 in SIB 2 msg and when CRS port 4 , it's reported as 15.2 !
    "In TDD 4T or 8T scenarios, the RSRP decreases by 3 dB after the number of CRS ports changes from 2 to 4. If the transmit power is not increased"

    This is from the Huawei docs.

    I think your confusion is why CRS4 eats more power? Well the reason is you have physical and logical antenna ports.

    Example: if you configure your cells to 4T4R and CRS2, you will get all the 40watts on each antenna port. (this is your recommended setting by the way).

    If you configure CRS4, you will add logical antenna ports, and the extra RS needs extra power (on each port).

    For you usecase, I recommend 4T4R cells with CRS2. You can introduce TM7 if you have capable UEs. I would highly recommend "4-way received diversity", and IRC (both for PUCCH and PUSCH), these are all require enodeb licenses.




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