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Thread: LTE - TM3, TM4 and TM8 openloop or closedloop?

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    Question LTE - TM3, TM4 and TM8 openloop or closedloop?

    Dear Experts,

    We are doing dual layer BF (TM8) on a 3.5GHz Huawei based network, this is a mostly static network, no mobility, 8T8R, CRS=2.

    What is not quite clear is if I set the MIMO mode to openloop or closedloop, will that only affect the the TM3/TM4 switching, or will it affect the PMI/RI feedback for TM8 as well? The documentation is not quite clear about that (or about how to set the PMI/RI feedback mode for BF modes like TM8).

    I can see that after the BF TM8 is enabled, there are a lot of clients with TM8 and Rank=1, while previously most of them was on TM3 Rank=2. And I have a feeling that the reason is that TM8 is working in single antenna mode, as there is no PMI/RI feedback.

    Any and all help will be appreciated!

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