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Thread: Ue inactive timer(s)

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    Default Ue inactive timer(s)

    what is the impact of Ue inactive timer(s) on PRB utilization if it's reduced

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    I think the UE inactivity timer has no direct effect on the PRB utilization. However if you set the timer to too short, you will see an increase in the signalling load (paging, RRC setups etc.), and maybe some increase in the RRC connection setup failures (the more state transitions your enodeb has, the more likely you will see some increase in RRC setup failure rate).

    In live networks, the typical UE inactivity timer is set between 10-20 seconds (Huawei defaults to 20s). For WTTx you might want to increase that to 30-40 seconds. But you will need to experiment, and set the value based on the typical user behavior in your network.

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    Default Re: Ue inactive timer(s)

    Normally the default value of the inactivity timer is 20 s and you can decrease it to 10s.
    the above activity wont have a noticeable impact on the PRB utilization but you will relief the network if you have RRC congestion and your are limited by the RRC license on the enodeb
    In addition you will notice improvement in the below:

    1- significant improvement in the E-RAB drop(since you are releasing the RRC, hence, you will have a lower probability of drop.
    2-RRC setup SR will increase
    3-E-RAB setup SR will increase
    4-S1 Signaling SR will increase
    5-ULIBLER will decrease
    6-Higher modulation schemes % will increase
    7-CPU load might increase
    8- you might face a degradation in the UL throughput which is only reflected KPIs wise and not on the user experience. It is related to the access procedure.
    L.Thrp.bits.UE.UL.LastTTI will increase.



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