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Thread: Drive test laptop

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    Post Drive test laptop

    Hi all,

    good day....

    what is the best laptop for drive test?

    Do you think gaming laptop or mobile workstation laptop is good for drive test and what is the advantage and disadvantage of using gaming laptop for drive test?

    pleas share you idea regarding best or suitable laptop to drive test.

    Yours Sincerely

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    Default Re: Drive test laptop


    It depends what software you will use for Drive test.

    You need Full HD (higher resolution will make the size of the separate things very small, at least for me, especially during the dark) because with smaller resolution will not have enough space for the data from all devices.
    If we take Nemo Outdoor - all new devices use their Nemo Media Router (NMR) software, which makes all the tests as "On device" tests. This offloads the processing power from the PC during the data tests, especially with LTE Advanced tests (high speed download).
    High speed HDD (SSD suggested) and depending on the configuration more USB ports (most new laptops has 3 USB ports) e.g. 4 is also very good.

    In the pas 5 years I've been using high end mobile workstation (core i7) without any problems.


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    Default Re: Drive test laptop

    I bought a few hp 8570p with 3740qm on ebay, for $150 each. 4 USB+RS232.
    16Gb of DDR3L memory separately, +$70
    a new 1Tb HTE721010A9E630 HDD disk +$65
    multi bay dvd caddy ~$4-$5 for second hdd
    (so, again +$65 for second HDD, yea, no SMR HDD, or SSD)
    and a slim 200W power supply +$15-20+ship.

    Now I can spill Pepsi on the keyboard, and just change everything I need.
    I am very satisfied.

    There is only two limitation for me.
    at Intel 4000 I can't play old FarCry,
    and on it DisplayPort v1.1, and you can't connect
    the two monitor on the DP port, via $15 MST hub,
    the second only on VGA.

    Although, now it is a bit rare model,
    but I hope you understand the meaning.
    just compare CPU performance,
    and the cost of repair or replacements.

    p.s. I also recommend the any board (like Orange PC),
    and several modems, for each company car.
    It is much more profitable. pay programmer.
    Well, or a cheap phone for android, which DLF log format.
    the programmer also knows how to write. (no my skill for this)

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    Default Re: Drive test laptop

    Laptop which good material (avoid plastic) is really necessary for drive test, just imagine you can't predict what kind of road you will face in the next 1 KM
    i broke my cheap Asus LCD, lenovo G series chasis also broken
    i suggest my team to using Thinkpad series, no more problem and we are satisfied

    gaming laptop in mid range price ($1000) afaik only focusing on the VGA (costly), so when you getting bored for sure you can play some games. but again, laptop material is really important
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