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Thread: DUS 41 01 Tear-down Photos

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    Default DUS 41 01 Tear-down Photos

    Hello everyone,

    As promised, here are some photos of the DUS internals:!0qQjgCKC
    Key: OoTr7jgPw5HjtpQaPuIl6w

    You can also find there datasheets and one-off prices for some of the big ICs. My favorite is the $17,500 Stratix IV FPGA. As expected, no info on the E// ASICs.

    Also, an interesting bit is the "RealSSD" used for storage. As seen from the datasheet (and a separate attached screenshot), it is a USB device. Tomorrow I will dump it in its entirety, so lets hope it's not encrypted, haha..

    RealSSD Pinout.jpg

    What is that "mini-sfp" connector seen on the IMG_0443 and IMG_0444? It is labeled IDL on the front panel.
    Found something in the docs. Its is a HSIO (thank you E//, maybe tell us what kind of High Speed IO connector it is?) connector for Inter DU Link (IDL) - Internal interface - DU to DU.

    Thank you,
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    Default Re: DUS 41 01 Tear-down Photos

    Experimented a little with the "RealSSD" today. It is detected by my Windows machine as a removable storage, but the file system is not detected
    Manual analysis of the complete image didn't help identify the file system.. Run the image through a "data recovery" software and was able to pull some files. Files are mostly corrupted, but there are what looks to me like software update packages, some Erlang binaries, MAN pages and a few miscellaneous things. Not sure, if these things can be of any use to anyone, but they are uploaded to Mega over here:!R3BEjK5L
    Key: GctpmPKhvrNDbvOaT9S-mQ

    P.S. I need an E// -48V PSU AC for further experiments, if anyone has a spare one they are willing to donate, please contact me.
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