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2010-05-15, 12:59 AM
Omnius is a new tool on the market that provides you many servicing features for your sony e******* mobile phones.

Finally it is a tool which focus on reliability, ease of use and to save your time by it's multitasking operations.

We introduce omnius with opening promo: All operations are for free.

no card, no dongle, no box. During omnius promo: No money as well !!

all you need: Omnius, registered account, phone and cable.
Do you have a supreme account?

Good news! No registration needed. Start using omnius immediately.
Features and operations included

* operations
o phone unlock
o flashing and phone customization
o gdfs/ta backup and restore
o detailed phone identification
* features
o suitable for either beginners or experts
o multiple simultaneous operations
o user friendly interface
o customizable window layout
o many supported languages
o more features are coming soon
* supported phone's platforms
o db2000
o db2001
o db2010
o db2012
o db2020
o db3150
o db3200
o db3210
o db3350
o s1-locosto
o s1-neptune
o pnx5230
o complete list of supported phones: supported phones | omnius

to learn more about omnius visit http://www.omnius-server.com

2010-05-15, 02:55 AM
Nice tool but is still needs a lot of work and time to beat SETool (www.setool.net) which is the strongest software for SE (and some others). Setool has power.
Plus: I do not think omnius will be free anymore in some time. Common market strategy.

2010-05-15, 10:48 AM
But as long as it is free at the moment,not bad to try of it. SETool not available in our country.:D

2010-05-15, 10:57 AM
merong se tool dito sa atin... yung mga gumagawa ng phone may se tool mga yun

2010-05-17, 11:38 AM
hmm it good news,i try it.

2010-05-17, 01:39 PM
ok, some model can flashing some model can not ,some model identify only.

2010-05-17, 02:21 PM
so, this is the software which can modify mobile phone interface, edit the functions and etc inside the mobile phone?:confused:

2010-05-18, 01:11 AM
so, this is the software which can modify mobile phone interface, edit the functions and etc inside the mobile phone?:confused:

No way. It's a service software.

2010-05-18, 09:17 AM
good...funcional totally...

2010-08-24, 01:52 PM
news from omnius-server.com: Openeing promo ends soon (23rd August 2010)

Omnius opening promo with all operations for free will end soon.

2010-08-25, 03:45 PM
I still prefer Setool which is the number one in years. Even the lite free version can do TEMS phones.
Setool never failed me for around 4 years.