View Full Version : Samsung CDMA Debug Screen Mode

2009-08-23, 09:59 PM
Dear Members
For any (please try on your type, I have tried on SCH-F309, SCB-B259, and SCH-S219) Samsung CDMA Phone, we can see a Debug Screen (such a POCKET view on Sony E******* TEMS Pocket view) containing CDMA Monitor, Pilot Sets, PMIC Register, 1X Features, ADC Value, Charger Scrn, VBATT Scrn, FM Radio, and PORTMAP Screens, by this code:
1. Enter into MENU > Setting
2. Press * (asterisk)
3. Will shown Field serv Screen and ask for code
4. Enter 123580
5. Will show many menus including Debug Screen, Test calls, etc....
6. Try Debug Menu > Main Screen, you will see such above...
7. Port Map Menu is usefull to set your phone to be connectable with Drive Test Software (TEMS Investigation Software, NEMO Outdoor, Agilent E6474A etc)

Have a good luck