View Full Version : Error 1027 with ******** cps version15

2018-05-29, 06:06 PM
Hi everybody,
a friend has a problem with the ******** cps.
He has a dp 4400 (2 radio units) 1 work perfect, the second shows the error 1027 (not supported codeplug). He try to read the radio, write and duplicate... but no match.
Has anyone an idea - what could be helpful in this case?

Best regrads!

2018-05-31, 05:03 AM

Without the 'usual' details, not easy to answer !

What are radios firmware versions ?
What CPS was used ?

Usually error #1027 is related to 'incompatible Codeplug version' (older or newer release).
There are stickers on back of radio, check what is printed.