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  1. 5G & IoT Courses - Research aspects & Evolution details.
  2. 5G
  3. What will 6G Be?
  4. Fundamentals of 5G
  5. 5G is Getting Closer..
  6. 2G/3G/4G/5g diagram
  7. 5G News
  8. Huawei 5G
  9. Search Version Atoll that have 5G template
  10. 3GPP Release 15 overview WP by NI
  11. Energy Efficient Smart Phones for 5G Networks
  12. The 5G Deployment Plan Handbook: Volume 1, 5G technical deployment and history around
  13. 5G tools
  14. Tutorial designing evolving LTE advanced-pro and pre 5g_requirements
  15. 5G NEW Radio (NR) document: Physical Layer Overview and Performance (Nokia Networks)
  16. MATLAB 2018b: 5G Toolbox
  17. Fundamentals of 5G Mobile Networks, Wiley Book
  18. 5G multi-RAT LTE-WiFi ultra-dense small cells Performance
  19. 5G Radio Access Technologies Overview
  20. Upcoming Webinar: 5G Base Station Design using Massive MIMO
  21. Nokia 5G documents Latest
  22. Massive MIMO in 5G Networks: Selected Applications
  23. 5G For Dummies®, Ixia Special Edition
  24. Remcom Announces MIMO Beamforming and Throughput Prediction for 5G and Wi-Fi
  25. Multiple Access Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks and Beyond
  26. Road to 5G: Introduction and Migration
  27. User-Centric Ultra-Dense Networks for 5G
  28. 5G ran pre sale feature
  30. NOkia 5G training
  31. Ebook - Signal Processing for 5G
  32. [GDRIVE LINKS] Update Weekly - 5G Books - Wiley - Prentice
  33. 5G NR RAN
  34. 5G Book_Interference Coordination for 5G Cellular Networks
  35. Making 5G NR a Commercial Reality - Qualcomm presentation
  36. 5G Drive Test Log File
  37. 5G NR LinkBudget
  38. Can share E/// 5G training materials
  39. 5G RAN2.1 Pre-sale Documentation Draft
  40. NR Fucntionality Document
  41. Wray Castle - 5G System Engineering and 5G Air Interface course notes
  42. Fix wireless access
  43. 5G drive test manual latest
  44. Smartphones 5G
  45. 5G Devices - So far
  46. 5G Challenge
  47. Chipsets
  48. 5G Distinction
  49. Found a free "5G Introduction" course
  50. 5G NR MIB and SIBs
  52. 5G NR RRC
  53. 5G nokia Parameters, performance, and Alarms (Excel)
  54. 5g carrier aggregation
  55. Request Qualcomm 855+X50 isf log files
  56. 5G Massive MIMO Trials Report
  57. Who can share a 5G NR link budget tool
  58. IET eBook - 5G wireless technologies
  59. E******* course 5G NR Air interface
  60. 5G NR Measurements and Events
  61. 5G Trainer Needed
  62. Req: 5G New Radio Bullet Book by Chris Johnson
  63. News - Smart makes first 5G standalone video call
  64. 5G Nokia UDR
  65. 5G NR Key Technologies | 5G Technologies for Radio Interface
  66. 5G Standard Evolution and Key Performance Targets
  67. 5G Network Migration | Network Structure Options Overview
  68. 5GMM,5GSM Cause Values
  69. Ookla 5G Map
  70. NR-ARFCN Calculator | 5G Frequency Calculator
  71. 5GMM States
  72. NG-RAN Overall Architecture and Interface Protocol Stack
  73. 5g Core Network Webinar
  74. 5G RAN Technology Knowledge Sharing
  75. Advanced Antenna Systems for 5G Americas White Paper August 2019
  76. 5G Update NetMcr Evening Talk September 2019
  77. 5G NR QualComm trainning doccuments
  78. N#KIA 5G Link Budget Tool
  79. 5G phone block diagram
  80. 5G Nokia useful documentations
  81. 5G Throughput
  82. 5G PDCP used even after 5G SCG Failure
  83. 5QIs
  84. 5G Qualcomm
  85. Introduction to 5G RAN2.0
  86. 5G New Radio (NR) - Nokia
  87. 5G Training Course - Nokia
  88. 5G Link Budget
  89. Huawei - Tech Express 5G
  90. 5G NR CDRX understand with Qualcomm log
  91. 5G KPI Formulas
  92. Coding for MIMO-OFDM in Future Wireless Systems-Springer International Publishing (20
  93. Guide to Deploying and Operating 5G Net
  95. 5G New Radio Bullet Book by Chris Johnson
  96. Parameters and Counters of 5GNR NSN
  97. what is PMI and RI in 5G NR
  98. IEEE Articles
  99. Voice Over NR(VoNR)
  100. The Evolution of Security in 5G
  101. 5G Spectrum
  102. 5G New Radio (NR) Physical Layer
  103. Policy and Charging Control in a 5G Network
  104. Path from 4G to 5G
  105. 5G NR Dimensioning document
  106. Excellent Article to understand 5G Core Network Architecture
  107. 5G NSA NR TTi
  108. UPCF Product Description
  109. 5G Training
  110. 8T8R Antennas comparison
  111. Thirsty for 5G Knowledge - A Good Platform to Learn
  112. 5G NSA troubleshooting in initial deployments
  113. Request for "5g: the greatest show on earth" series
  114. 5G Capacity Planning NR
  115. 5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners - video course
  116. Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications for Fifth Generation (5G)- Video Course
  117. Request Med for 3gpp-message-analyser
  118. 5G trends course hansen
  119. 5G RAN Hardware and Implementation - Video Course
  120. Roaming in a 5G Network
  121. Video Course - 5G NR - Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol - RAN Layer 2
  122. Video course : 5G Architecture Model and Concepts
  123. 5G NR Bullet Chrish
  124. First 5G base stations
  125. 5G physical Layer
  126. 5G NR Bullet Chrish (COLOR{1-300 pages}, BLACK and WAIT)
  127. gNodeB Function Parameter Reference
  128. gNodeB Function Performance Counter Reference
  129. gNodeB Function Used Reserved Parameter List
  130. Node Parameter Reference
  131. Node Performance Counter Reference
  132. Video Library with hot topics 5g nfv fiber beamforming transport geolocation nsa
  133. Video Course -5G Technology Strategy: Next-Generation Mobile Networking
  134. Latest eBook - 5G physical layer technologies by Abu-Rgheff, Mosa Ali
  135. 5G Releases_16_and_17_in_3GPP_White_Paper
  136. 3GPP webinar Rel 16 and 17
  137. Request 5G NR SA qxdm isf log
  138. Book for the basic concepts related to 5G NR
  139. 5G Network Architecture
  140. 5G Network Slicing Overview
  141. 5G potential used cases
  142. 5G Network Deployment Options
  143. Massive MIMO and Beam forming Principle
  144. 5G Core Network Functions
  145. 5G Multi RAT & Dual Connectivity
  146. 5G for People and Things
  147. 3GPP 5G Sytem Architecture
  148. 5G NR Spectrum
  149. 5G System requirements
  150. 5G New Radio Overview
  151. Testing device for 5G
  152. 2nd International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity_ 5GU 2018 (2020)
  153. 5G New Radio Network Planning (Whitepaper, February 2019)
  154. 5G UL SU Adaptive MIMO (Nokia)
  155. Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (Keysight Video)
  156. 5G (Nokia Doc)
  157. Survey of Turbo, LDPC and Polar Decoder ASIC Implementations
  158. 5G NR and 4G LTE Coexistence
  159. Training Course_5G RAN3.0 Beam Management
  160. Private 5G network strategies of Mobile operators and None-mobile operators
  161. Survey on 5G RAN Practical Deployment Scenario - From 2-tier (4G) to 3-tier (5G)
  162. 5G Parameter and counter
  163. Ethernet for 5G fronthaul
  164. Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards
  165. 5G NSA Option 3a_3x Generic Operation Technical Poster
  166. 5G UE Mobility
  167. 5G UE Mobility
  168. 5G UL & DL Decoupling
  169. 5G protocol stack Poster
  170. 5G New Radio Design with MATLAB 2020
  171. Advanced Antenna Solutions for 5G Wireless Access
  172. A Low Complexity Near-Optimal Iterative Linear Detector For Massive MIMO-5G
  173. Channel Modeling by RBF Neural Networks for 5G Mm-wave Communication
  174. Convolutional Neural Networks for 5G-enabled Intelligent Transportation System
  175. Artificial Intelligence-Defined 5G Radio Access Networks
  176. Training - 5G RAN NR Air Interface STUDENT BOOK LZT1382141 R1A
  177. Relay Selection for 5G New Radio Via Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
  178. 5G Technology Fundamentals(Training Video)
  179. 5G Nokia Documents - Like to get these in PPT / PDF Format
  180. A CNN-based Packet Classification of eMBB, mMTC and URLLC Applications for 5G
  181. CNN-Based Automatic Modulation Classification for Beyond 5G Communications
  182. Smart scaling of the 5G core network an RNN-based approach
  183. 5G Field Experimental Trials on URLLC Using New Frame Structure
  184. OFDM-Subcarrier Index Selection for Enhancing Security and Reliability of 5G URLLC
  185. 5G Coverage, Prediction, and Trial Measurements
  186. 5G Voice :- Voice Aspects of 5G Evolution Steps by Anders Ryde & Ralf Keller
  187. Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) using Interface Diversity
  188. Cognitive Radio based Spectrum Sharing technique for 5G system
  189. 5G Open RAN/Cloud RAN solution
  190. An LTE-WiFi Spectrum Aggregation System for 5G Network: A Testbed
  191. 5G NR Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol - RAN Layer 2 Training
  193. Uplink Transmissions in URLLC Systems with Shared Diversity Resources
  194. 5G_System_Architecture_and_Implementation
  195. The-5G-Guide_GSMA_2019_04_29_compressed
  196. 3300-4200 MHz A KEY FREQUENCY BAND FOR 5G
  197. 5G NR Protocol
  198. SCG Failure NR
  199. Joint Scheduling of URLLC and eMBB Traffic in 5G Wireless Networks
  200. 5G Wireless Network Slicing for eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC: A Communication-Theoretic View
  201. 5G Technology Strategy Next-Generation Mobile Networking
  202. Full Duplex Integrated Access and Backhaul for 5G NR Analyses and Prototype Measureme
  203. Introduction to 5G(Training Video)
  204. Analytical study of 5G NR eMBB co-existence
  205. NW-OFDM using Cyclic Postfix and Windowing for the eMBB Wavefom of the 5G_B5G Mobile
  206. 5G RAN Hardware and Implementation Training Videos
  207. [White Paper] EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks
  208. On the Performance of Polar Codes for 5G eMBB Control Channel
  209. E2E 5G Network Dimensioning and Design
  210. 5G Radio PLanning
  211. 5G from Qualcomm
  212. 5G NR Bullet Chrish
  214. 5G E******* RAN KPI L20Q1
  215. Fixed 5G CPE
  216. Massive MIMO for 5G below 6 GHz(Training Video)
  217. Designing Energy Efficient 5G Networks: When Massive Meets Small cells
  218. Training Video: Polar Channel Codes, 5G
  219. Vendor 5G Parameters Mapping
  220. Non Standalone Access Architecture
  221. 5G Network Slicing Summary
  222. 5G Transport Webinar
  223. New 5G NR Hedex Library
  224. 5G Massive MIMO and Beamforming
  227. 5G initial tuning and optimization guideline
  228. Carrier Aggregation in 5G(Nokia original doc)
  229. Introduction to 5G core Network(Video)
  230. 5G Webinar- 5G in the next 5 years
  231. 5G NR Webinar By Erik Dahlman
  232. 5G Wireline Access Architecture(MPIRICAL-Video)
  233. 5G eURLLC (MPIRICAL video)
  234. 5G Beamforming details in both in C-band and Mmwave
  235. 5G-NR Tutorials and Call Flows
  236. 5G NR and 4G LTE Coexistence by MediaTek
  237. Bandwidth Part Adaptation by MediaTek
  238. 5G NR Uplink Enhancements by MediaTek
  239. 5G NR by MediaTek
  240. Uplink Data Compression by MediaTek
  241. Nokia Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for Rapid 5G White Paper
  242. Nokia Bell Labs 5G Releases 16 and 17 in 3GPP White Paper
  243. Nokia 5G Voice Support in the VoX Core Infographic
  244. Nokia Voice over 5G the options for deployment White Paper
  245. Nokia Voice over 5G Readying the VoLTE Network White Paper
  246. Nokia Voice over 5G - The future of voice services
  247. Nokia MMA product document
  248. Latency based 5G RAN Slice Descriptor - IEEE
  249. who has read this? 5G book
  250. Video Course- 5G NR (New Radio): Radio Access Networks