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Thread: DlPowerDegradation alarm for baseband 3G sites E*******

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    Default DlPowerDegradation alarm for baseband 3G sites E*******

    Dear expert,

    Could someone help me on the DlPowerDegradation issue please? I have done change in the 3G network. I have limitated the R99 admission in the network in purpose to save more ressources for HSDPA and CS RAB. Please find below the parameter changes.

    - sf8Adm=0
    - sf16Adm=0
    - sf16gAdm=0
    - sf32Adm=8
    - sf128Adm=32
    - rateSelectionPsInterctive.dlPrefrate=16
    - pwrAdm=75
    - pwrOffset=25
    - schMinPowerNonGbrHsUsers=15
    - dlCodeAdm=50
    - maxRate=40690
    - maxPwrMax=30
    - minimumRate=370
    - minPwrMax= -15
    - interPwrMax=30
    - interRate=845

    After the action, the hsdpa user throughput increase but there is DLpower degradation for somes baseband 3G sites. I have already done the rollbak for the sites which have this issue but no change. the alarm still there even with restart of the node.

    Could you please help? Thanks.

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