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Thread: TEMS K790,K800 Custom Views

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    Default TEMS K790,K800 Custom Views

    My TEMS Pocket K800 Custom Views

    Orgianl Gallery

    Custom Gallery

    FTP Data 1.5 (untested)
    HSDPA Data 2.4 (not in use)
    TPR debug 5.1 (not in use, removed)

    For Brown and Red phones use Phone Explorer (free) to upload to phone.

    Delete all files in /tpa/tems/views/
    Copy new files to /tpa/tems/views/

    Phone Explorer v1.01 by Cruiser Team
    is an application for Exporing phone’s file-system via FTP. The application initializes the phone
    and starts an FTP server enabling access to the phone’s file-system. Simply use your favorite
    FTP client and explore your phone.
    Retail phones (so called "Red") do not support file downloads, they only support file-system browsing,
    folder manipulation and file uploads. If you want to read files from the phone, it must be converted
    to developer/factory state (so called "Brown" or "Blue") first. This can be done with Cruiser Team’s
    D-Ultimate Unlocker or Cruiser Suite Ultimate Unlocker easily.
    The phone must contain a valid firmware beforehands.
    Supported interfaces:
    USB: DCU-60 / DCU-65
    Serial: UC10 box, UC20 box, + clones
    Supported platforms:
    DB3150 (USB cable only)
    DB3210 (USB cable only)
    The Procedure:
    - Click the Settings tab, and fill in the following data there:
    - password - the password which will be required by local FTP server
    - Click the Job tab, and start the unlock procedure:
    1. Choose the phone model
    * if your phone is not in list, you can choose another phone with exactly same platform/chipset
    2. Start the procedure:
    - If you use UC10/UC20 cable, then connect the phone to the data cable and double-click on the
    appropriate device in device-list (in the left panel)
    - If you connect the phone via USB DCU-60 cable, connect it while holding its 'C' button

    3. Please wait until the application states the FTP server has been started.
    4. Use your favorite FTP client and connect to localhost (see the details below)
    5. Perform your file-system operations
    6. When finished exploring the file-system, press the Ready button to correctly shutdown the phone
    7. The application log can be found in My Documents\Phone Explorer
    (In case of accidental close of application, you can still find the codes there if you choosed to show
    the codes.
    Exploring phone's file-system via FTP in detail:
    The program starts an FTP server at localhost and halts during the procedure. Then just use your favorite
    FTP client to access the phone's filesystem and setup the following parameters:
    - server: localhost (or
    - port: 21 (it's the default FTP server port, you do not need to enter it anywhere)
    - username:
    - password - use the password you filled in the settings tab
    After you finish exploring the file-system, press the Ready button and the program continues the procedure.
    Note: We recommend to use an FTP client which supports the UTF-8 file-name encoding feature, otherwise
    the file names won't be diplayed correctly (but they can be handled correctly in such case, too).
    Examples of FTP clients with UTF-8 feature: FileZilla, SmartFTP
    Supported features: browsing, downloading* / uploading / deleting of multiple files & folders at once
    *) file downloading is supported only for the phones in brown/blue state (developer/factory state)
    Features which will be supported soon: aborting file transfer, renaming files/folders
    You can find the user data in folders /tpa/user and /usb
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    great share buddy
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    nice share...

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    Default No GSM Networks

    Hi, why is your TEMS no networks for GSM? Did you try lock your phone in GSM network? The lower display in page 1.1 should display both GSM and WCDMA. Please try it.



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