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Thread: Layered paging in idle mode

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    Post Layered paging in idle mode

    kindly find small description about Layered paging in idle mode,thanks
    Layered paging in idle mode which divide paging into two layers as follow:

    first layer:
    UE inform RNC by its last camped cell & its location saved in RNC Table where the information is valid during paging timer thus any incoming paging in idle mode will be directed towards

    the last camped UE's cell & its neighbors UE's cells else if timer expired then UE is subject to not accessing network anymore & hence paging in idle mode will go to the second layer(normal paging)

    second layer:
    it is the normal paging condition where incoming paging is directed to all the users in cells located in the same LAC.


    Benefits : Layered Paging in Idle Mode reduces the Uu-interface paging load of UEs in idle mode. The reduced paging load is:

    -Inversely proportional to the average number of a cell's configured neighboring cells
    -Proportional to the number of configured cells in an LA or RA
    -Proportional to the first-layer paging success rate

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    Default Re: Layered paging in idle mode

    Dears, did any one in the forum test this feature for Real Time services?
    as majority test it only for Non-Real time services



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