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Thread: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

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    Lightbulb Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    Hi there members,

    Wanted to discuss about the current pace of the industry going along, the future does not look so good with the RPU for operators going down day by day resulting in cost cutting and lower and lower costs for services being quoted by vendors to enable operators to manage their budgets, Voice and SMS are almost extinct, and data preference is still growing day by day more for the Wifi and Hotspots. Also systems getting more and more self maintaining and automated, all these factors are resulting in Job cuts and cost cutting everywhere.

    With the culture of Smart Apps and Local networks on the rise, what future are you guys seeing for the industry ? (do mention your field)

    What do you think should be the road to take for a stable job ?

    where can RF Optimizer and Planners shift to to improve their chances of staying relevant and productive ?

    to which field can a person with RF optimization skills look to switch to with minimal difficulty ?

    Do share your thoughts on this ,

    Its good to have a discussion as well as problem solutions here on Finetopix.


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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    My personal point of view is that the industry is moving and focusing in indoor and Hot Spot solutions. By saying that you can see a trend on less and less requirement for RF engineers as for optimization as for design, meaning that the competition for those will be more and more difficult to qualify (the offer would be huge and the companies will take advantage requiring more qualification with low salaries)
    My guess is that perhaps the best approach is to got thru the certification road (Cisco, COMPTIA, IbWave, etc ... ) to have a broader range of opportunities and basically change of area on Demand as the markets does. I hardly believe we are facing a new era of new competencies, so RF engineers will need to evolve into the new knowledge of service oriented, automation, massive data analysis, etc ...

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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    Its amazing to see how much less traffic this thread has seen, is there any similar discussion going on in the group ?
    check this article,

    "Nine in ten network operations jobs could disappear in the next three to five years as automation gathers pace in the telecom sector.

    That is by no means a certainty, but nor is it some hazy analyst forecast. Instead, it's what the world's biggest telecom vendor believes could happen if operators make the appropriate investments.
    China's Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. says it is working with several operators on projects that could lead to a dramatic reduction in headcount through the use of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and so-called "intent-based networking."
    It is even framing this reduction as a business objective. "We want to use a few people to manage a larger network," said Jeffrey Gao, the president of Huawei's router and carrier Ethernet product line, during an interview with Light Reading at this week's MPLS, SDN and NFV World Congress in Paris. "Our target is to use just one tenth of the current people to manage the network in the next three to five years."

    That revelation may send shockwaves through an industry already reeling from the impact of mass layoffs. According to data gathered by Light Reading in late 2017, the world's 20 largest telcos with headquarters in Europe and North America cut a total of 63,000 jobs in 2016. Ten of them laid off another 21,000 employees in the first nine months of 2017."

    So the question again arises where do these 90% go.

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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    We must change to adapt oneself to the future circumstances but the question is " What or Who should we become? "

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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    Best way is to add more skills in Scripting & Big data field. Data will be always there & future I think priority will go for Multi talented individuals with Scripting abilities rather than the traditional Telecom Engineers.
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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    Keep Developt yourself

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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    thanks for opening this topic
    we just keep cutting the trees on our way, not realizing the road is dead-ended.
    the way ahead as optimizers: through the years we developed analytical, troubleshooting and ETL skills, so the data analytics field should be easier to transform to, we just need to fill the gaps, learn python, basic programming and business intelligence skills. taking even a master degree in data analytics should be a big booster for finding jobs in that domain.
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    Default Re: Road Ahead for RF optimizers and Planners ?

    Dear dext, thank you for a good topic opening. I was thinking about it since quit my first job in Telco.
    I believe that RNPO jobs in Telco are not profitable any more because Wireless Telecom services became a common service for customers and revenues are not high. Moreover, the marketing department becomes more and more important in Telco's business, deminishing the RNPO engineers roles.
    I believe that RNPO engineer may enhance his skills in many ways like getting CCNA/CCNP, studying Cloud, Python scripting, machine learning and AI concepts. Those skills will help to route your way further because obviously planning and optimisation become more automated.
    On the other hand, Telcos already rely a lot on 3rd party solutions. In that light, RNPO may successfully transfer to a neighbouring field: 3rd party RNPO solution/service providers, Cloud providers, Data analysis services, SW Archtect, to name a few. I believe that there is a good opportunity in sw development as system analyst with Radio knowledge, skills of problem solving, discussing and creating technical requests.

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