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Thread: WhatsApp/Telegram Group (Telecom & IT)

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    Default WhatsApp/Telegram Group (Telecom & IT)


    We currently have WhatApp/Telegram groups for Telecom & IT discussions active in several countries.

    If you want to participate, simply choose your best option (WhatsApp or Telegram) and Join the group.

    Important: There's a 'main' group, where you join, then you will be forwarded to the specific group you prefer. (*Currently this division is being made by Country; in future, we'll create even more specific groups).

    To join WhatsApp/Telegram group visit this link:

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    Default Re: WhatsApp/Telegram Group (Telecom & IT)

    As some doubts/questions may arise about how the Telegram/Whatsapp groups works, here is some instructions...

    How to join?
    To join WhatsApp/Telegram group visit this link:

    How many Discussion Groups out here?
    So far we have 7 groups (Telegram and WhatsApp)
    You will receive an update with the links to Join

    WhatsApp: What happens when a group reach limitation (256 people)?
    We create a second group. For example, we already have 'LTE Optimization 2' (LTE Optimization reached 256 members)
    The intention is allow everyone to participate.
    SO, here is an important rule: if you participate in a group (i.e. LTE Optimization), please do not join group 2,3... (i.e. LTE Optimization 2).
    If you do so, you will be removed.

    I still have a question, or a suggestion. What can i do?
    If you have some question, suggestion simply join our global informal group:
    telecomHall Suggestions:
    We're starting something big - keep all telecom professionals in contact, and things are not easy to start.
    But we believe together we can. :slight_smile:
    In the future, we can, also together define some better ways to improve sharing and communication among professionals in our area.

    How many Country Groups are there?
    Discussions are running in dozens of Country Groups (more than 60).
    Each Country has at least one moderator.
    Some Country Group has more than 200 members, some have only one or few members.

    Group Rules
    Hello Everyone ( Message regularly sent )
    Rules of the group? Very simple => only technical discussions!
    No religion. No politics. No funny posts... nothing but Telecom related issues.
    Also, this is not the place to ask for Jobs, nor send curriculum vitae; the job offer, however, is desirable.
    (in near future, we'll have group for it. For now, let's only do the "contact networking", ok? :slight_smile:
    Summary: only useful information to all.

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