View Full Version : have no right to download

2010-02-26, 03:23 PM
Admin why i cannot view or download attached files? when i try link of attached file there is message about no privileges and to rights to view files:(

2010-02-26, 03:29 PM
Me too!It's because of rules of this forum!If you want to download attachments, you should become a member.How to become a member,please read forum's rules.

2010-02-28, 04:49 AM

this is the link

2010-02-28, 05:35 AM
I've noticed one thing:I gave +rep to someone,but still he has the same reputation level.Nothing has changed.How to explain that?

2010-03-01, 08:47 AM
You have to pay your dues bro......by contributing to this great forum

.....after all the one great rule of life is GIVE and TAKE or as IT Professionals we use GIGO (hope u knwo what that means?)