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2009-06-15, 03:14 PM
Hi All,

Can anybody specify the exact time duration of TBF (Temporary Block Flow) in GPRS/EDGE Systems.
Can we change this TBF duration by some system parameters??


2009-06-15, 05:46 PM
As far as I can remember from my GPRS theory, the TBF stays "up" as long as there is continuous data transfer (RLC packets). After the data transfer the TBF gets released.

As an operator you can control how long after the data transfer the TBF gets released. From one side if you keep it for too long you are wasting system resources and from the other side you decrease latency as data transfer can resume immediately without re-establishing a TBF.

RF engineer
2009-06-15, 09:04 PM
As you TBF is temporary block flow so the time duration is that when data been sent then it will stop then next block which sent the time is start and be careful to not have high interference other wise data will be send many times with low data block.
hope it is helpful

2011-03-09, 12:15 AM
there is no exact time duration of TBF as it is not a parameter. The TBF is for the duration of data transfer and as soon as the data is transferred, it is released. Normally the value is in milliseconds.

2011-03-09, 12:33 AM
You cannot specify the duration of the TBF- it depends on the duration of your packet session for that RRC connection. However, there are indicators on the RLC/MAC blocks that indicate about the uplink (CV bits) and downlink (FBI bit) on the cessation of the TBF session.