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2009-03-19, 06:20 PM
From: Pradeep Basu <pradeep.basu@netc-intl.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 2:45 PM
Subject: Job Opportunity - Senior Siemens 2G Optimization Engineer
To: Pradeep Basu <pradeep.basu@netc-intl.com>


Currently we are looking for “Senior Siemens 2G Optimization Engineer” for an opening with NSN Saudi Arabia. It’s 12 months contract with NSN. We need someone with 3-4 years experience on siemens equipments.

Following is skills and responsibility what they are looking for?

2G Optimization Engineer to be responsible for making coverage plans and coverage prediction for all sites with different propagation models, Monitoring network KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) & Carry out all the optimization activities to maintain the network KPI targets, create Macros which take the raw data and changing it to readable data, Investigate parameter settings & test parameter recommendations, to meet the network KPIs & solve the existing coverage problems. Analyze and interpret the OSS data, and navigate the network through the OSS (Radio Commander: for Siemens) to get the live information for cells (Parameters, Alarms, Configuration, etc). Handle all new activities & events in the network and solve the difficult issues (survey, expected traffic calculations, cells expansions which are needed, hourly follow up, etc). Solve customers' coverage complaints, Integration of new sites and drive test for all the 2G services, Daily consistency database check, Carry out Software and Hardware Modifications (Azimuth, Tilt, Parameters tuning, etc.), Implementing all newest Features to meet the network needs. Issue radio requirement studies for the traffic and coverage demand.

So if you are interested you can send me your updated CV and I will register you in our database and if your experience matches with what we are looking then, someone from our company will call you and will discuss everything in more details.

If you are not interested for this position then please pass on the details to your colleague who would be interested for this position.

It’s a very urgent position so, please send me your updated resume as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!!!

Thanks and Regards
Pradeep Basu
Net Consulting International
www.netc-intl.com (http://www.netc-intl.com/)
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2010-07-27, 08:39 AM
Hi , can someone explain to me the work condition in KSA , is it right that the passport is took from you in the aerport??, what about housing ??, someone have a good adresse in riyadh??.......


2010-08-08, 05:03 AM
yes ... correct
most of peole are like that and I was taken my passport and I m now stucking doing nothing in very boring area in the world it is KSA waiting my passport to be released