View Full Version : Question Nokia 6230i HO problem

2009-03-03, 11:27 PM
while testing a new DCS1800 gsm network, nokia 6230i HO behavior is strange.
K790 has no problem with the network as its normal in hand overs, re selections and MOC MTC,
while 6230i doesn't even attempt for hand over and if sometimes it attempts, results in HO failure.it does a few successful HO as well.

but when same test is performed with same setup using nokia 6230i on different network in same band , it works fine like the k790i do.

can anyone explain why and where the problem is???

2009-03-11, 08:39 PM
if exists handover failure, that means the system already invoke the handover evaluation algorithm, but the uplink can not access it, maybe your Nokia phone in malfuntion

2009-06-23, 05:12 AM
Most likely a problem in adjustment of parametres phone. Check options HO in phone (Disabled HO function can be active).