View Full Version : Anritsu Site Master, Anritsu Cell Master & Sun Lite BER Testter

2009-03-03, 10:39 PM
From: Munthe, AJ <abdijm@gmail.com>

Dear All

Need info on price and who might sell below tools :
1. Anritsu Site Master (new/used)
2. Anritsu Cell Master
3. Sun Lite BER Testter (new)

i have collegues wants to buy those tools


2009-03-04, 11:51 AM
If there's no local representative in Indonesia, I suggest you contact Asia Pacific sales office of Anritsu ( apsr.sales@anritsu.com ), and they'll lead you to their prefered partner, or even give you a quote directly. Which is probably the best way if you want a brand new instrument.
Price depends on model you're looking for, guess it's probably S331D.
As for the BER tester, I'd suggest you consider JSDU's ANT-5 SDH & access tester. It's more expensive, it's bigger, but it's worth it.

2009-03-04, 11:50 PM
Hi, just buy refurbished. Google search and you`ll find. Try BIZI.com.

Good luck

2009-03-05, 12:09 AM
2 month ago...sunlite 12jt rupiah pak...:)

2009-03-05, 02:29 AM
pls PM me with nick mobiltel269 yahoo