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2009-02-20, 09:58 AM
Transmission Engineer
Mobile Systems International Consultancy (MSI Consultancy)
Saudi Arabia
Ref: KP130-02 Mobile Systems International Consultancy (MSI Consultancy)

The Role

The Role
We are currently seeking Transmission Engineers to work on our projects in Saudi Arabia, with travel to Kuwait, and other worldwide projects as required.

Main Duties and Responsibilities include:

•Assist in the dimensioning and planning of all GSM and UMTS network transmission systems

•Conduct analysis of traffic load on individual transmission links and recommend required expansion upgrade

•Assist in the independent audit of the transmission network to examine the performance with respect to set Key Performance Indicators and to verify that the system is performing as per Network planning documents, and escalate any ambiguity observed

•Liaise with other divisional staff, vendors and contractors on the timely completion and commissioning of the Transmission contracted projects

•Ensure all microwave, fibre and satellite links are designed as per agreed objective and criteria

•Assist in the development of a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for an integrated, resilient and optimized transmission system to include Node B, BTS to BSC, BSC to MSC/MGW, inter-Core network elements, and national and international interconnect

•Provide technical expertise in order to assist the Company with an effective and efficient transmission interface that best meets the technical requirements and the approved transmission strategy

•To analyze Fault Reports on Transmission systems and its constituent parts and recommend actions to rectify faults as necessary

In order to be successful within this role, you must have the following:

-More than 3 years in GSM and UMTS networks Transmission Design and Optimisation

-Engineering degree, Electrical, Telecommunication (Preferred)

-Knowledge in all topics about transmission and GSM and UMTS network (PCM, multiplexing PDH, SDH, optical fiber and PDH and SDH Radio Transmission)

-Experience with many Transmission Planning tools
About the Company

About the Company
Mobile Systems International Consultancy Ltd (MSI Consultancy) is a world leading wireless telecommunications consultancy and software solution provider. Our objective is to provide cutting edge solutions based on in-house technology that streamlines and improves the mobile operator’s bottom line through innovation and a structured process.

We specialize in network planning, optimization and technology migration, ensuring a partnership style relationship with our customers, where our products and services become an integral part of our customers business.

Since our inception in the United Kingdom, our distinctive products and services have been used by most wireless operators in the world. This is a true testament to our professionalism, dedication and innovative solutions.


2009-02-20, 12:45 PM
only freelance or what?? if freelance im interested:)