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2009-01-14, 04:17 AM
Guys I got this offer but I'm not fit to perform this task, so if you see your self as the suitable man, send me yours CV and I will help you.....but please don't apply if you are not the right candidate as I don't want to hurt these guys

Dear Mr. ------
we are dubai based training co and require for one of our clients
following training

pls see if you can handle this training or if u have any one known to you,
pls send the trainers cv.

" SDH wireless principle & Pathloss 4.0 software with MV planning"
according to following conditions:

1. Number of candidates six

2. Duration 7 days

3. provide pathloss 4.0 software and workstations for practice

4. expected starting date (first of march)

and note that your proposal including :

1. cost for batch of six

2. schedule per day

3. contents of course

4. trainer profile in detail

please send me your proposal ASAP

2009-01-14, 05:37 AM
prefer Eng - Arabic trainer.........

Good luck

2009-01-14, 08:23 PM
the specific requirements for the course are

I need specific course that has these content:
1. Modern microwave technique
2. Transmission capacities PDH/SDH/SONET
3. System technology
4. Wave propagation
5. Radio hop
6. Radio hop budget
7. Passive reflection
8. Pathloss 4.0 general procedures