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2011-11-13, 10:18 AM
Below are the hidden menu for Samsung Galaxy Mobile:

This may also work with other Android phones.

I have tested and are working fine


Service Mode : *#197328640# (Engineering Mode Menu)

This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode.

Service modes:

· Debug Screen

· Idle mode Information

· UE Capability Information

· Access Stratum Information

· NAS information

· NeighborCell Information

· Reselection Information

· Phone Control

· SIM Information

· Version Information

· IMEI number and Software Version

· Hardware Version and Rf_cal_date

· Bluetooth version information

· RF Test

· NV Backup

· NV Remove

· Rf Information

· Rfnv retrieve flag

· Device

· Vibration Test

· Backlight Test

· FrontLcd Test

· KeyLed Test

· Battery, Power on information, Charging Temperature

· IPC Speed Test

· Sensor Test

· Performance

· Control

· Audio

· CP Config

· AP Volume Config

· AP Codec Gain Config

· Add Configuration

· AP Solution Config

· CP Solution Config

· Add Configuration

It will also show current version of Audio Codec.

· Video

· CamFlashLed Test

· Camera Turning

· Camera Firmware

· Internal Camera Capture

· Display Settings

· Connectivity

· Bluetooth Test

· Dvbh TestMode

· Wi-Fi Manual MFG test

· Wi-Fi SW Test

· Common

· FTM Mode Info

· Recent Task History

· Recent Semaphore History

· Version Info

· USB Switch Info

· Dummy menu

· Service Configuration

· DVFS Configuration

Other codes for Samsung Galaxy Mobile

[1] LCD test: *#0*#

LCD Test with RGB colors

[2] Melody test: *#0673# OR *#0289#

1KHz Melody Test

· Speaker MMC On

· Speaker Phone On

· Receiver MMC On

· Receiver Phone On

· Off

Tap on confirm to exit the Melody Test

[3] Vibration test: *#0842#

· motor ON

· motor always ON

· motor OFF

[4] TM Command: *#2663#OR*#2664#

Enter TM command or click on Confirm to exit.

Get Firmware version information using these codes:

[5] *#4986*2650468# –

SW Version, HW Version, MP, RF Cal Date, CSC Version, CSC Model Spec, FFS Version, RC2 Version

[6] *#1234# –

SW Version and CSC Version

[7] *#1111# –

FTA SW Version

[8] *#2222# –

FTA HW Version

[9] Phone battery Information: *#0228#

This code shows you phone battery information in detail with various parameters.

[10] Sim and Network Lock: *#7465625#

Shows Sim and Network Lock status including:

· Network Lock

· Subset Lock

· SP Lock

· CP Lock

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Test Codes:

[11] Wi-Fi Manual MFG Test Mode: *#526#

[12] BT RF Test Mode: *#232337#

[14] FACTORY FORMAT: *2767*3855# (DANGER)


This is code for factory reset or factory format. Read carefully what it will do with your phone.

· It will delete all settings and all files from your internal memory. (For safety of your data please also remove your external memory card from the phone)

· It will reinstall firmware of your phone. All firmware updates will be lost

· Think many times before you use this code. Because there is no way to cancel this process. Even if you remove battery from the phone, there are no chances of cancellation of this process. When you put up the battery again, your phone will power up and you phone software will be as fresh as newly bought!!