View Full Version : IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless

2011-07-14, 07:39 PM
hi there,

is there anyone have document about this product ?

IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless

this product is equal to PRS in HUAWEI, but able to connect to multi vendors. what is your suggestion ?

2011-07-18, 05:48 PM
dear all expert,

please i need a suggestion for procurement matter.

2011-07-18, 06:00 PM
Dear dodotiro,

If you are going to prcure it you can ask the document from IBM team.....;)

As of the tool....its full functions are not used anywhere, thought parts and bits are used by the operators to check the daily n/w health.

The price of the s/w is high and you hav to take multiple modules, thus the price goes on increasing...

For performance mgmt there are various vendors like, aexio, lucid apps, ttg international, etc.
You can contact them as well

let me know if you need any more information


2011-07-22, 06:35 PM
thanks copier for your great explanation.

it would be a helpfull information. :)