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2011-05-21, 01:06 AM
The Agenda
Background of ROI-TCO Practices in Avaya
What’s a TCO? What’s an ROI
10 tips for success
1. Determine the likely areas of benefits
2. Look for reasonable information, not “right” information
3. Consider sampling when full data is not available
4. Be very careful with Benchmarks
5. Validate the results; iterate as needed
6. Separate hard dollar savings from soft dollar benefits
7. Deal with uncertainty; deal realistically with project roll-out
8. Include all costs
9. Anticipate questions that reviewers will ask
10. Ask for help
Looking at results

2011-05-21, 01:15 AM
it seems that you are working with Avaya. Am I right?

What is the future of this business " fixed communication"?

2011-05-21, 01:33 AM
1. Integration of mobile network and fixed telecommunication network
The All-IP network for mobile communication has been considered,
we believe that a mobile telecommunication network
based on IP will be connected to the fixed telecommunication
network by means of SS7 on IP. Furthermore, the integrationof the mobile network and the fixed telecommunication network has
been realized, in the not so distant future, so we have
considered how to base its architecture on IP and SS7, especially the
functions of edge nodes supporting wireless base stations.

2. SIP telephone network
We believe that problem of the communication delay, created by
connecting SIP-IP networks via IX (IP exchange) as can be
replaced, where IX should be replaced with an IP network that offers the SS7 function. Furthermore, we consider that
the SIP telephone network will morph into the IP network based on the use of SS7.

2011-05-21, 01:38 AM
thanks for your information.

what are the similarities between fixed core network and mobile core network?

2011-05-21, 01:40 AM
different ways and evolution but it can be integrated

please add my rep

2011-05-21, 01:55 AM
different ways and evolution but it can be integrated

could you explain in details?

reps and thanks are assured