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here is installer with password link:

[url]http://www.4shared.com/file/nyriKOub/SPO_ClientAndDSM_v5418part2.html (http://www.4shared.com/file/Hfs23iag/SPO_ClientAndDSM_v5418part1.html)

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Here is a brief list of SPO's functionalities:

SPO uses MapXtreme™ for the geographic display of data instead of MapInfo™. You do not have to install MapInfo™ separately. The mapping module is included in the installation package.
Tabular display of Performance Metrics/KPIs and other performance related data for most network entities at different report levels, ECP, Cell, Sector, Carrier, and IWF/PCF for CDMA 2G/3G1x; SN, FMS, AP, OHM, TP, Cell Sector, and Carrier for 1xEV-DO; OMC-U/SBN, RNC, NodeB and Utrancell for UMTS
Data trending for a metric or multiple metrics (KPIs) in a single chart per system, cell/NodeB, sector/utrancell, and carrier is supported. SPO also provides peg trending at the system, cell/NodeB, sector/utrancell, and carrier levels. Trending is also available in TRX/Configuration data (for all the three technologies), allowing users to view changes in translation/configuration parameters over time.
For CDMA 2G/3G1x, 1xEV-DO and UMTS, on a map display, right clicking on a cell site allows you to access ROP Analysis (Fault Management for UMTS is not available in v5.5, will be included in later releases), Metric/KPI and Service Measurement (Performance Measurement in case UMTS) Trending, or Service Measurements data summaries, as well as NL Alert, Handoff Matrix (Handover Matrix in case of UMTS), and UNL data for the entire system, the cell as well as the sectors or carriers of that cell.
For CDMA 2G/3G1x, 1xEV-DO and UMTS, SPO displays handoff matrix (Handover Matrix) data on a map showing handoff relationships between sites as well as NL Alert and UNL data output. PN (PSC for UMTS) histogram information is also available.
For CDMA 2G/3G1x, 1xEV-DO and UMTS, TRX/Configuration Parameter analysis is available, comparing configuration parameters with Alcatel-Lucent (or user) recommended values, as well as providing Neighbor List Alert information. Handoff/Handover Matrix and Undeclared Neighbor list data is also correlated with TRX/Configuration parameters for analysis.
On a tabular display, by right-clicking on a value inside a Metric/KPI table, you can access other information such as a Service/Performance Measurement summary, showing the values that make up that Metric/KPI as well as its formula. Additional information available by right clicking on a value inside a metric table includes ROP Analysis, Metric/KPI and Service Measurement Trending, TRX/Configuration and Handoff/Handover Matrix, UNL and NL Alert information.
Any table in SPO can be saved in CSV (comma separated value), XLS, or XML formats for further analysis using MS Excel or MS Access or a Web Browser. Data saved in XLS format, retains its formatting, such as highlighted values, in the exported data.
Critical Information is available in Maps and Trends displays as well as PN/PSC Histograms and any PCMD based histograms.
For CDMA 2G/3G1x PCMD Data analysis includes basic PCMD metrics, Dropped Call and Access Failure Analysis, Dropped Call and Access Failure Distance Histogram charts, Sector Traffic Pattern metrics and PCMD Dropped Call and Access Failure Geolocation.
For 1x EV-DO PCMD Data analysis includes basic PCMD metrics, Dropped Connection and Connection Failure Analysis, Latency Histograms, and Sector Traffic Pattern metrics.
Data analysis features include Subset definitions, Superset definitions, and Intelligent Performance Analysis. Subsets and Supersets have been generalized to apply to more data sources.
Users can create their own User Defined Metrics/KPIs, Categories, and Metric/KPI Thresholds as well as set recommended parameter values for TRX/Configuration data verification.
Data displays include results information such as Metric/KPI summaries, including Metric/KPI formulas and thresholds, peg count and translation parameter descriptions, ROP message descriptions, NL Alert descriptions and other information.

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