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2011-02-17, 06:01 AM
Nokia Siemens, TI countering Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio with 'Liquid Radio'

Alcatel-Lucent is drawing a lot of attention at Mobile World Congress with its new lightRadio architecture, which would turn today’s large-celled macro network into a massively distributed network of small transmitters and move its higher order functions out of the cell site and into the cloud. But Alcatel-Lucent isn’t the only vendor developing a fundamentally different approach to the network.
MWC: Nokia Siemens, TI countering Alcatel-Lucent�s lightRadio with 'Liquid Radio' (http://connectedplanetonline.com/3g4g/news/nokia-siemens-ti-countering-alcatel-lucent-with-liquid-radio-0216/)

Antenna Cubes

2011-02-17, 09:23 AM
This is a good development... any outdoor version of this type of product yet from any vendor?

2011-02-17, 09:35 AM
And one IP or E1 connection for every Node? That's hilarious.

2011-02-17, 10:25 AM
I think lightRadio are not new or "fundamentally different" approach. New is virtualized (in cloud) processing platform for baseband unit. LightRadio cube is multiband remote radio head only. There are similars solutions. E******* rbs 2111 or Powerwave repeaters with active DAS, etc. IMHO.

2011-05-26, 01:55 PM
this is what could very well be called thinking outside-the-box!:D

thanks for the awareness.