View Full Version : K800i TEMS Driver for Windows

2011-02-14, 02:28 PM
Please find the windows driver for K800i TEMS mobile, if somebody has posted earlier i don't know......anyway no password...:D
oh pls push the thanx button if u like...

2011-02-15, 11:09 AM
Please find in attachment some additional documents about SE K8OOi Phone.

trust you'll enjoy it. SE K8OOi ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

[K8OOi] Component Placing.pdf
[K8OOi] Equipment List.pdf
[K8OOi] GO NO GO Test Spec.pdf
[K8OOi] Installation Instruction.pdf
[K8OOi] Manual.pdf
[K8OOi] Part List.pdf
[K8OOi] Process Flow.pdf
[K8OOi] Repair Manual.pdf
[K8OOi] Test Instruction.pdf
[K8OOi] Trouble Shooting Guide.pdf
[K8OOi] Working Instruction.pdf

PW: finetopix

Share your knowledge, ;-)

2011-04-04, 04:31 AM
Just wanted to show the k800i that i had unlocked with gps menu...it has been a long time since Tems new phone unlocking........[Only registered and activated users can see links]