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2011-02-13, 03:20 AM
does any one know what is and where could i found latest version of Awy (Alcatel soft used to cofigure IDU's..)?:L

2011-02-13, 08:28 AM
for configure Alcatel AWY 9400 PDH use Local Crafte 1320

2011-02-13, 07:30 PM
Do you want the software 1320 of Alcatel or training manual of AWY, which includes the pics showing the configuration u have to do.

Kindly reply and let me know what exactly u want.

2011-04-04, 08:47 AM
i help my frends with 9400 AWY, we has 1320 instalation only for 2.1.2 version,
for 9400 AWY version 2.1.3 we use java WebEML or only connect via http-Opera to 9400.

i attach
Alcatel–Lucent TCO Suite SWP TCO SUITE Rel.1.7
for 9400AWY R.2.0 V2.0.6 and 9400AWY R.2.1 V2.1.2 & V2.1.3
User Manual 3DB 75003 BAAA Ed.01

2011-04-07, 05:17 AM
sorry for my absence, and thank you for your reply
Mr CARVER : i could not download the file.
Mr idontknowu: in fact installation and configuration manual will be enought
s friend already provide me an old version of software.

2011-04-07, 10:12 AM
Hi Carver
would you share using a public link please? e.g 4Shared.
Many thanks in advence.

2011-04-10, 11:05 AM
2 evagtf@yahoo.fr, Moudj i add 4shared link in my post also.

2011-04-11, 12:48 AM
hi carver;
thank you for this document but it does not help a lot, i need to know how to configure software and connection, i can not access to équipement a message could not start supervision appear, what to do?.

2011-04-21, 10:31 PM
I do not quite understand what does not work. for 9400awy v2.1.3 I just start TCO Suite, there enter IP of RLL, then login initial and pass initialing and I can customize.
but I'm just helping someone to set up.

2011-04-21, 10:38 PM
my friends has a little extra v2.1.3 CF card for 9400awy,
with 32Mb 4/16QAM and 64Mb 4/16QAM.
if anybody need - please contact with me.

2011-05-11, 03:02 PM
thanks,its very greatfull.

2011-10-13, 12:16 AM
do you have now the AWY Software

2011-10-13, 12:25 AM
Does anybody have the software of Alcatel

9400 UX
9600 LSY
9600 USY
9400 AWY
9425 AWY
9438 AWY

thanks in advance