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2011-01-24, 04:49 AM
Any idea,what are COW(Cell on Wheel) sites and when we use them?

2011-01-24, 04:53 AM
Look at
Cell on wheels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_on_wheels)

In Italian we call them carrati.


2011-01-24, 05:04 AM
Thanks. But I am a bit curious,how they communicate with the core network,assuming they have all BTS equipment in the truck.By communication,I mean the transport mechanism like T1 lines.

2011-01-24, 05:14 AM
Usually they are connected to Network with PDH MW link like SRAL or similar.


2011-01-24, 05:17 AM
Any idea,what is COLT? Are these also some kind of special event sites?

2011-01-24, 05:34 AM
The American operator U.S.Cellular has, in fact, signed an agreement with the company Magnetek
for the development of 15 mobile communication systems mounted on trucks.
The names of these large self-propelled BTS will COLT (Cell Site On Light Trucks) and may be used as the network needs or emergencies.
The trucks COLT can be, for example, arranged in areas of high congestion
or in special areas where need to create from scratch a mobile network.



2011-01-24, 07:13 AM
Here in NZ we have used COWs etc for many years to provide temporary cellular capacity increases. Anywhere large increases of people happen, trade shows, Christmas influxes at popular beach locations etc..Just as Zeuscane mentions..
E1's (T1's) are always the biggest problem and most time consuming normally, especially at sites where temporary sites haven't been installed before..

2011-01-24, 11:19 AM
COWs are termorary sites used in the case when you need short term capacity or coverage upgrade. Backhauling could be done over E1/T1 or any other service/technology comming from PSTN but MW is a standard solution. Next to the existing MW frequency bands there are solutions that are using GSM/UMTS bands for backhauling. It is used in similair way like in WiMAX and I guess hat idea came from that technology (to use sectors backhaul).
Also, have in mind tha even if it is called COW, you can have spider (short) towers with concrete balast that could serve on site for a few days ut also fo a few months. You can install MW link on the same tower to provide backhaul connection.

2011-01-24, 03:22 PM
Any idea,what are COW(Cell on Wheel) sites and when we use them?

That is also called Mobile BTS(MBTS). It can be two types 1. Cabin with stearing to move to location to location 2. Cabin without stearing that need to move with mover or truck to move....

Inside the cabiner u will have everything that have in a BTS room e.t RBS, MW, Battery,

Additional things are in the MBTS 1. Mast(self supported or not), Generator(Power may not be availiable all the time),

it is quite handy when operator needs quick installtion to support especial events...

2011-01-28, 10:46 PM
COW sites are temporary sites and are deployed when there is network congestion arising due to any festival, trade fair, any sport event.
COW site have Mast and all other devices like RBS, Microwave, SMPS, Battery Backup, Generator etc,

2011-01-29, 12:50 AM
hope below helps!!!!

COW sites serve two purpose

+ Todays bts cost has come down considerabley.Earlier the cost were high.Also the cost of bringing up the bts infra was high.Pls remember earlier infra sharing concepts was not introduced initially.On a vergin mkt where you are not sure of the mkt base or just to ensure you have a coverage...COWs were introduced,so that incase later it is found that if the cell site load is high or economically viable,you can covert it into proper bts cell sites.

+ secondly as others said it is also used to give coverage in area for specific festival where normally you wont see high calls or just to add capacity.