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2010-12-25, 12:41 AM
found this on the web, hope it helps!

Global Mapper also includes the ability to directly access multiple online sources of imagery, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data. This includes access to worldwide high resolution color imagery from DigitalGlobe (watermarked access for free) and access to the entire TerraServer-USA database of USGS satellite imagery and topographic maps free-of-charge. Global Mapper also has the ability to easily access WMS data sources, including built-in access to elevation data and color imagery for the entire world, and to view elevation data in true 3D with any loaded raster imagery and vector data draped on top of it!

32bit version: Download Global.Mapper.v12.00-BEAN.rar for free on Filesonic.com (http://www.filesonic.com/file/21561185/Global.Mapper.v12.00-BEAN.rar)

64bit version: Download Global.Mapper.v12.00.x64-BEAN.rar for free on Filesonic.com (http://www.filesonic.com/file/21561181/Global.Mapper.v12.00.x64-BEAN.rar)

no pass needed

2010-12-25, 12:49 AM
Have file .rar been added key or *****?
can you share key for everyone
i am need
thanks :p

2010-12-25, 12:50 AM
Already posted here


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