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2010-11-20, 04:10 PM
Hey guys,

I found this RF Planning tool online which you can use for free. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use for both beginners and experts.

Remember, you have to register before can use.

Bienvenido a Xirio-Online (http://www.xirio-online.com/)

2010-11-23, 02:34 AM
Anyone know price? Euros or dollar$? Thx.

2010-11-23, 05:37 AM
Yeah, it seems for free... but only have limited functions...

2011-08-10, 09:37 AM
It is free for limited resolution. If you want higher resolution you need to pay.

I've used it but it doesn't work well with Chrome, only with IE !
It takes a while to get used with it, but after some time it is quite easy.


2012-04-04, 11:51 PM
Interesting tool, thanks, although I didn't find it really intuitive, plus sometimes Spanish replaces English. I'll add it to my list anyway, I've recently been doing a bit of research to find a free online planning tool and found the following:

1) LinkCalc (http://www.ligowave.com/linkcalc/) by Ligowave
free, compulsory registration, clean interface, good features but uses only Ligowave equipment

2) PTP Estimator (http://www.alphimax.com/ptp) by Alphimax
free for basic use, user limitations are quite annoying, cluttered interface but has some good features

3) Link Wizard (http://www.big-vienna.com/LinkWizard/) by Big Vienna
free, optional registration, simple, good features but some currently undergoing maintenance, previously supported by Alcatel-Lucent

None are quite as sophisticated as Xirio but you might find them useful for a quick link calculation or LOS check.

Which one would you use?

2012-04-05, 12:15 AM
I think that you can use it for broadcasting networks only and not for advance mobile network systems

2013-02-19, 12:30 PM
Any online planning tool for WIMAX and LTE???