View Full Version : Chinese 101 and RAN

2010-11-17, 11:58 AM
Ni hao, dear 朋友们.

With collegues from our radio department we are learning chinese.
It is nice to be able to sing 静夜思, but our teacher has no idea of real language.

Is there some nice technical vocabulary, including proper pinyin? (with tones)

Antenna is 天线, Tiānxiàn. It is a heaven for last deciblel, so nice!

Radio is Diàntái, 电 台.
Google marks tái 台 as Taiwan. What is real meaning of 电 台?

Even 啤酒 (Basic Electronic Engineer's Requisite, BEER的) might be misundersstood
in the context of 64QAM and 4 by 4 MIMO.

Any help? Any suitable site?