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  1. Training Documents for CDMA2000 1x
  3. Download Understanding UMTS Radio Network Modelling, Planning and Automated Optimisation
  4. Propagation of Short Radio Waves
  5. BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide
  6. Original New Networking Paradigms
  7. UMTS and GSM Protocol Diagrams
  8. Download 3GPP LTE Standards Guide
  9. Download LTE RF Planning Guide
  10. Original Future Internet Architectures: The Publish/Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm
  11. WiMAX F/o/r/u/m/ R/F N/e/t/w/o/r/k Engineer
  12. Original What is Wrong with 3G?
  13. Modern Telemetry
  14. Mobile WiMAX: A Systems Approach to Understanding IEEE 802.16m Radio Access Technolog
  15. UMTS signaling
  16. Planning for IPv6
  17. Antenna Zoning
  18. Huawei 3G Radio Network Planning
  19. Original Femtocells : Moving Towards Flat Networks
  20. MIMO Transmission schemes for LTE and HSPA Networks
  21. Download LTE Poster by ALU
  22. LTE overview
  24. Download Motorolla Inbuilding Planning Guide
  25. Evolved Cellular Network Planning and Optimization
  26. Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS
  28. Actix Analyzer LTE Training
  29. GSM Over VSAT ( E1 over IP )
  30. Download ZTE Parameter
  31. Different Radio Parameter
  33. Download LTE Resources Guide - Anritsu
  34. W11 RNC 3820 Configuration
  35. TEMS Pocket v9 manual
  36. LTE Training Material
  37. Smart Antenna Strategies for the UMTS FDD Downlink
  38. JDSU LTE PHY Level Measurements Guide
  39. LTE/SAE - E******* Internal Presentation
  40. Original Metro Cells and Capacity Demands
  41. Original Making the Shift to Mobile HD Voice
  42. Analyst Report on WiMAX vs LTE
  43. Small Antennas:Miniaturization Techniques & Applications
  44. security in ad hoc and sensor networks computer and network
  45. Original The Smart Internet Vision
  46. UMTS Book
  47. actix radioplan book atoll
  48. Download WiMax Doc
  49. Original Is 4G Enough? The Impact of Video on Mobile Networks
  50. Download All Huawei Training Courses Materials
  51. Digital Television Systems
  52. Download Mobile wimax phy-mac tutorial slides
  53. Download 3G Wireless Networks Book
  54. Original CAMEL Documents
  55. LTE E2E Solution Architecture_Training
  56. Original Long-Term Evolution (LTE): The vision
  58. Wimax Docs
  59. Download ETSI GSM Spec Reference
  60. Download SC - Radio Planning
  61. Original RF Power Amplifiers
  62. Download RSSI - Addressing Issues
  63. Others CDMA paramter optimization
  64. Wiley book Collections
  65. Original Fiber - Wireless Convergence: Will it influence the future Mobile Backhaul
  66. Indor Planning Presentation
  67. Original Beyond VoIP Protocols: Understanding Voice Technology and Networking Techniques for I
  68. Download Airspan WiMAX Documents
  69. NSN technincal guide
  71. UHF Propagation in Indoor
  72. Download CCNP
  74. Original LTE – Long Term Evolution- From Theory to Practice
  75. Is 4G Enough? The Impact of Video on Mobile Networks
  76. timers compiled document
  78. Capacity and Cell Range Estimation in Mobile Wimax
  79. Original LTE – Complete Technical Overview
  80. HSPA Plus Workshop
  81. Manage KPI in the Vimpelcom-Very big operator
  82. 3G Optimization Report _Example from Alcatel-Lucent
  83. ITU-R P.1546 study
  84. Original HSPA-Qualcomm-Workshop
  85. Original UMTS/WCDMA Handset Test Process - Qualcomm
  86. QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
  87. Original cdmaOne and CDMA2000 Concepts and Terminology Student Guide by Qualcomm
  88. UMTS Seminar in Dubai from Aircom
  89. Technical Communications in Urban Operations
  90. Ultrawideband Antennas: Design and Applications
  91. From GSM to LTE: An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile
  92. Original Swarms and the Wireless Revolution – Connecting the dots
  93. MPLS-Enabled Applications
  94. Millimeter Wave Communication Systems
  95. CDMA RF system engineering ebook
  96. Download The benefits of SON in LTE
  97. LTE link budget
  98. LTE link budget - Telecom Academy
  99. 4G LTE Advanced Tutorial
  100. What is GELTE?
  101. Original Coexistence of GSM, HSPA and LTE May 2011
  102. Frequency Hopping in LTE Uplink
  103. Fundamentals in Information Theory and Coding
  104. Original Challenges and Opportunities for 4G Wireless Video
  105. CPM11-2 for WRC-12
  106. Long Term Evolution (LTE) Presentations
  107. atoll presentation on LTE
  108. Original Long Term HSPA Evolution Mobile broadband evolution beyond 3GPP Release 10
  110. Rohde&Schwarz CMU Overview
  111. DOC training (Flow Siae Microwave topic ) - Really useful
  112. Download WCDMA RAN P7 Troubleshooting LZT 123 9001 R1A
  113. Download GSM BSS G10 BSC Operation and Configuration
  114. Download RAN 06 KPIs & Counters_KPI workshop_NSN
  115. Wireless Communication Systems: From RF Subsystems to 4G Enabling Technologies
  117. Download atoll(3.1) presentation on HSPA
  118. Question LTE Capacity Papers
  119. Innovations in Mobile Multimedia Communications and Applications: New Technologies
  120. IBS Training Presentation
  121. Directed Retry Decision (DRD) -- Huawei RAN
  122. Principles of Digital Communication
  123. Download Network Capacity, Coverage Estimation and Frequency Planning of 3GPP LTE
  124. Download Lecture: OFDM Basics for Wireless Communications
  125. Download Link Budget calculation example
  126. IPv6 Handbook
  127. 3G technical papers
  128. Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  129. Access Networks
  130. Wireless Network Traffic and Quality of Service Support
  131. Download 3GPP LTE Security Aspects
  132. Download Uplink power control in LTE
  133. Download Course: LTE: Fourth Generation Wireless
  134. Networking and Telecommunications Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
  135. Certifications Pass4Sure - All In One (Cisco, Microsoft, ComTIA, Sun, Oracle ...) - B
  136. Atoll tainning for monet carlo
  137. WiFi - Books Required
  138. Original Is LTE a revoliution or Evolution
  139. Radio Access Network Dimensioning for 3G UMTS (book)
  140. Beyond 3G - Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web Together: LTE, WiMAX, IMS,
  141. Download Femtocells: Technologies and Deployment
  142. Link Budget Calculation
  143. WCDMA-Link-Budget
  144. HSPA Performance and Evolution: A practical perspective (book)
  145. Download NeXt generation/dynamic spectrum access/cognitive radio wireless networks survey
  146. Download 3G HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking (book)
  147. LTE SON book!!!
  148. IPv6 - Theory, Protocol, and Practice
  149. Download HSDPA/HSUPA Handbook (Internet and Communications)
  150. Digital Communication: Principles and System Modelling
  151. Mobile and Personal Communication Services and Systems
  152. Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  153. Original TRENDS AND FORCES RESHAPING THE WIRELESS WORLD: Key Technology Considerations
  154. Download Wireless Communications over MIMO Channels: Applications to CDMA and Multiple Antenna
  155. GSM2011
  156. Download MIMO: From Theory to Implementation
  157. Download LTE-Advanced: Heterogeneous Networks
  158. Download LTE-Advanced: ComP Cell Selection in HetNet
  159. Original Final Report on SON and its Implications in Wireless Access Networks
  160. Download GSM - Architecture, Protocols and Services
  161. Download HSPA to LTE-Advanced
  162. LTE coexistence case study
  163. Original comparison of key technologies: wimax and LTE
  164. Download 3GPP Mobile broadband innovation path to 4G
  165. Download HETEROGENEOUS NETWORKS for LTE (papers)
  166. Download Inter-cell Interference Coordination for LTE (papers)
  167. Download Relys for LTE and LTE-Advance
  168. Original Scramblling code planning doc
  169. Engineering Information Security: The Application of Systems Engineering Concepts to
  170. Download Coordinated Multiple Point Reception (CoMP) for LTE-Advanced
  171. IEEE Communications Magazine Sept. 2011
  172. IEEE Communications Magazine, Oct. 2011
  173. Download The Evolution of HSPA (October 2011)
  174. Download Mobile Broadband Explosion (Sept 2011)
  175. Download A Long Term Evolution Link Level Simulator(thesis)
  176. Download Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Techniques for Multi-Cell OFDMA Networks(thesis)
  177. Download Promising SON Enabling & Multi-Cell RRM Techniques (LTE)
  178. Download Performance Evaluation of LTE Downlink with MIMO Techniques (thesis)
  179. Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuit, And Antenna Design for Communications Engineerin
  180. Access Networks
  181. Download Benefits of LTE in Digital Dividend spectrum (OCT 2011)
  182. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - PDF
  183. Download WCDMA (UMTS) Deployment Handbook: Planning and Optimization Aspects
  184. Good link for newbie in GSM
  185. System Level Analysis of LTE-Advanced: with Emphasis on Multi-Component Carrier Mgmt
  186. HSDPA CQI Mapping Optimization Based on Real Network Layouts
  187. Others Cellular Network Complete Chart
  188. Download Mobile Broadband Connected Future: From Billions of People to Billions of Things
  189. Interference Management for LTE HetNets
  190. Software Radio: Sampling Rate Selection, Design and Synchronization
  191. Download WiMAX, HSPA+, and LTE: A Comparative Analysis
  192. Download WiMAX VoIP Solutions for 4G Networks (OCT2010)
  193. Download MIMO Channel Modeling and Emulation Test Challenges
  194. Mobile Broadband Evolution and Pursuit of Smart Innovation
  195. LTE System optimisation
  196. Question How to find the relationship between traffic and RTWP
  198. LTE technology and LTE test
  199. ITU-R P.1812-1
  200. Statistical Signal Processing
  201. femtocells technologies and deployment
  202. introduction to RF propagation
  203. Discrete-Time Signal Processing, 3rd Edition
  204. Wireless Sensor Networks Deployments and Design Frameworks
  205. Intelligent Frequency Hopping
  206. Original Opportunity and impact of video on LTE Networks
  208. Download Heterogeneous LTE Networks and Inter-Cell Interference Coordination
  209. Download LTE Home Node Bs and its Enhancements in Release 9
  210. Download Inter-Cell Interference Coordination for LTE Advanced Heterogeneous Networks
  211. Download Dual-Cell HSPA and its Future Evolution
  212. Download Real-time Network Simulator Platform
  213. Download Quality Estimate and UL Bit Error Rate
  214. Power measurement and analysis of GSM signal
  215. Actix Analyzer Query Training UMTS
  216. Cooperative Communications and Networking 2010
  217. Original The Content-Centric Internet (A Future Internet Concept)
  218. A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms: With Applications in Physics and Engineering
  219. Coding Theory: A First Course
  220. A Measurement Method based on Time-Frequency Representations for Testing GSM Equipmen
  221. Download Bibliography about Wireless, Transmission, WiFi and related
  222. Analysis of Downlink Power Control in a GSM system
  223. Others Nokia BTS Armar y Comisionar (Nokia BTS Commissioning & assemble)
  224. An Introduction to Network Modeling and Simulation for the Practicing Engineer
  225. Original 3G Tutorial
  226. Mobile and Wireless Communications for IMT-Advanced and Beyond
  227. Download HSDPA-HSUPA Handbook
  228. Download Novel Algorithms and Techniques in Telecommunications
  229. Download Integrated Circuit and System Design... by Vassilis Paliouras
  230. Download Telecom Crash Course
  231. Download The CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications
  232. Download wimax training
  233. Download ebook-Unified Signal Theory
  234. VLSI for Wireless Communication
  235. 29833734-Drive-Test-With-TEMS
  236. Indoor Network Design in lCS TELEC0M
  237. IBS DAS Design Procedures
  238. Download HSDPA for Improved Downlink Data Transfer
  239. 3G RNP guideline for NSN
  240. Planning-3G-Network-Base-on-2G-Network
  241. HSDPA radio network planning
  242. 4G Americas Coexistence of GSM HSPA LTE
  243. Original RF Engineering Services and RF Planning for WiMAX
  244. Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links, Zone Plate Lenses and Antennas
  245. EDGE, HSPA, LTE, The Mobile Broadband Advantage (2007) 97p R20090611I
  246. Network management to service management - A paradigm shift for Communications Servic
  247. LTE Radio Planning - Training Documents
  248. ebook-Introduction to Digital Communication Systems
  249. ebook-From GSM to LTE: An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband
  250. ebook-MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communications with MATLAB