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  3. UMTS Optimization ebook
  4. Download LTE Link Level Simulator
  5. Download Optimization Coverage and Capacity LTE
  6. I would like to join this group
  7. Allgon Powerwave Repeaters Documents And Software
  8. ADC Flexwave Prism Documents
  10. CDMA basics for starters
  11. Download NEC Mutli Serivice Transport Gateway Tutorial
  12. LTE introductory site
  13. Global Mobile Satellite Communications
  14. Antenna Arrays
  15. Pasolink plus STM 1 doc
  16. UMTS Optimization ebook
  17. ebook:Trends in Telecommunications Technologies_2010
  18. LTE Simulators
  19. Download SS7
  20. Phase Optimization Problems
  21. Nokia-Siemens Optimization Course
  22. GPS: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
  23. Advanced Trends in Wireless Communications
  24. DINGLI Mos Processor
  25. ElsobkyPedia (Nice presentations on mobile technology)
  26. HSDPA introduction
  27. Download Basic Principles of UMTS
  28. E******* - GSM R10 FOR INITIAL TUNING
  29. Adaptive Multi Rate Codec (AMR)
  30. Optimizer Principles
  31. Download Convergence of Mobile and Stationary Next-Generation Networks
  32. Download Femtocells: Design & Application
  33. Original Performance metrics in UTRAN from 3GPP
  34. Smart Spaces and Next Generation Wired Wireless Networking
  35. Multiple Access Communications
  36. Download Excellent Tutorial - SS7 - Signalling System 7
  37. Download Systems Engineering in Wireless Communications
  38. EGD_eRAN2.1-Customer Preparation Guide for BTS3900 LTE Installation-20110304-C-1.1
  39. LTE Presentations
  40. Download My personal library
  41. Inter-RNC SHO failure
  42. Download My personal library Actix RadioPlan ACP
  43. Original wimax tutorial
  44. Cooperative Cellular Wireless Networks
  45. Broadband Power Line Communications Systems: Theory and Applications
  46. Download Microwave Network Design Using the Scattering Matrix
  47. Download Convergence of Mobile and Stationary Next-Generation Networks
  48. Download 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband
  49. E Book
  50. Re: Finally Doc on LTE Optimization
  51. UMTS (Animated Flash Tutorial)
  52. alex for marconi 155 LH and OMS 1200 series
  53. RAN 13 training slices
  54. Wireless Communications Over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels
  55. OMS 1200 series
  56. Motorola - CDMA Network Operations
  57. Cellular Network Planning and Optimization by Helsinki University
  58. 10 must-do tips for job seekers
  60. Original EVDO Perfomance & Principle Guidelines
  61. LAC Planning Guide
  62. Download Wireless Communications Over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels
  63. Internet Download Manager Full Version
  64. The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research
  65. Effective Video Coding for Multimedia Applications
  66. Cellular Networks - Positioning, Performance Analysis, Reliability
  67. Traveling Wave Analysis of Partial Differential
  68. Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies
  69. Wireless Mesh Networks
  70. UMTS (Part1)
  72. ZTE training
  73. UMTS Radio Network Planning, Optimization and QOS Management
  74. LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless
  75. LTE Network Planning
  76. Download LTE TDD RF planning
  77. Others Self-Optimization of Coverage and Capacity in LTE
  78. Download An Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems
  79. Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communication (Artech House)
  80. Download TCP Performance over UMTS-HSDPA Systems
  81. Original LTE-SAE_Overview
  82. WIMAX
  83. Download Modulation and Coding Techniques in Wireless Communications
  84. Download Commonalities between CDMA2000 and WCDMA Technologies
  85. Download Intercell Interference Management in an OFDM-based Downlink
  86. Effective Computational Methods for Wave Propagation
  87. Multimedia Analysis, Processing and Communications
  88. Moshell e*******
  90. LTE, HSPA + WiMAX
  91. Request: Motorola Horizon I
  92. UMTS Numering
  93. Aircom training for UMTS
  95. WCDMA Capacity Dimensioning Procedure and Case Study
  96. Others GSM mobile power class
  97. Unified Signal Theory
  98. E******* - GSM Features for Advanced Frequency Planning
  99. Handbook of Radio Wave Propagation Loss Part II 100-20000 MHz by William E Frazier
  100. QualComm LTE Document
  101. Global 3G and 4G Deployment Status HSPA/HSPA+/LTE May 5, 2011
  102. IEEE Communication Magazine May 2011
  103. 802.11 Wireless Networks: Security and Analysis
  104. CP02(Motorola Training Course-GSM)
  105. GPRS Documents
  106. Mobile WiMAX: Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
  107. About Actix different Versions !
  108. Download 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband
  109. Frontiers in Antennas: Next Generation Design & Engineering
  110. Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques, 2 edition
  111. Introduction to Antenna Analysis Using EM Simulators
  112. WiMAX RF Tuning Guide
  113. WiMAX Single Site Verification Guide
  114. GENEX Assistant V300R003 Operation Guide
  115. Download Qualcomm - WCDMA Network Planning Optimization
  116. Nemo Outdoor and Analyser training ppt
  117. Download Mobility Management in UMTS
  118. U-Net Huawei Planning Tool License
  119. GSM/EDGE: Evolution and Performance
  120. Coordinated Multiuser Communications
  122. GENEX Probe User Guide_V200R003
  123. GENEX Assistant User Guide_V200R003
  124. E// GSM R10 Guideline EGPRS, CS3 AMR Dimensioning
  125. Research on the Planning of WiMAX Preambles
  126. Single Carrier FDMA: A New Air Interface for Long Term Evolution
  127. Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology
  128. LTE Qualcomm
  130. 12 e******* Courses
  131. LTE E*******
  132. GSM Overview
  133. The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar
  134. winrar FULL
  135. RAR repair tool
  136. snagit 2010 full
  137. VMware: virtualization tool
  138. WCDMA Radio Network Capacity Planning
  139. 3G KPI Report
  140. Torrent FASTEST download method!
  141. GSM Timers
  142. winrar VS...7-zip comparison!
  143. LCC Newsletter April 2011
  144. Download cdma2000 Compliant Design Library by Agilent
  145. Download Huawei Guide to Transmission Faults Location
  146. Download Huawei - Difference between RC3 and RC4
  147. Download Capacity Optmisation of CDMA Networks
  148. Download CDMA RF Engineering Ebook
  149. Download Spread Spectrum Applications
  150. Download cdma capacity optimisation ebook
  151. Download On Convolutional Codes
  152. Download WCDMA Call Drops and HO Problem Solving
  153. Wimax Forum CPE's, various vendors
  154. DBS3900 GSM Technical Description
  155. GENEX RND 6 User Manual
  156. GENEX RND 7.0 User Manual
  158. GENEX Nastar WiMAX_Operation Manual
  159. Femtocells: Design & Application
  160. Femtocells: Technologies and Deployment
  161. 3GPP LTE and LTE Advanced
  162. UMTS LOng Term Evolution ( LTE ) Tehnology Introduction
  163. Modelling and Dimensioning of Mobile Wireless Networks: From GSM to LTE
  164. Windows 7 professional Genuine SP1 FULL
  165. 4GAmericas-Coexistence of GSM HSPA LTE
  166. BEST PORTABLE software (USB) website!
  167. Question HSPA+ 3GPP REL-8 Features
  168. Download TCP Performe Over Congestion Control in UMTS NW
  169. UMTS handover
  170. Mobile WiMAX – Part I: A Technical Overview and Performance Evaluation
  171. Mobile WiMAX – Part II: A Comparative Analysis
  172. SCTP resources
  173. Download Drop Analysis in UMTS
  174. W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks
  175. UMTS Layer 1
  176. Transmission's Technologies from FranceTelecom
  177. Download EVDO Session Negotiation
  178. Download UMTS Network and beyond
  179. Download WiMAX 16e Frequency Planning
  180. Question call drop analysis in tems :?
  181. RBS 6101. Product Description
  182. Download Lecture on RRM (3G)
  183. HSDPA radio network planning
  184. Download Focus Group Cloud Computing ITU-T
  185. Original ZTE Interface_Protocol_and_signaling_flow
  186. Jitter Measurement for Serial Digital Video Singal From Tektronics
  187. Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies
  188. Wireless Communications Circuits and Systems By Yichuang Sun
  189. ZTE ZXMP M600
  190. 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband
  191. Request: packet Abis documents
  192. MAP Standard
  193. Understanding the CDMA Air-Interfaces of IS-95, IS-2000, and IS-856
  194. Modelling and Dimensioning of Mobile Wireless Networks: From GSM to LTE
  195. MIMO-OFDM for LTE, WiFi and WiMAX: Coherent versus Non-coherent and Cooperative Turbo
  196. LTE and Voice
  197. Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall and Johan Skold, "4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broad
  198. Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology (Internet and Communicati
  199. Wireless Communications over MIMO Channels: Applications to CDMA and Multiple Antenna
  200. Jiangzhou Wang "High-Speed Wireless Communications: Ultra-wideband, 3G Long Term Evol
  201. Rolf Kraemer, Marcos Katz, "Short-Range Wireless Communications: Emerging Technologie
  202. Marcos Katz, Frank Fitzek, "WiMAX Evolution: Emerging Technologies and Applications"
  203. Optical Wireless Communications: IR for Wireless Connectivity (Vol 9)
  204. 4G Wireless Video Communications
  205. Circuits and Systems for Future Generations of Wireless Communications
  206. Comparison of file hosting services
  207. GSM MOTOROLLA Mutimedia Training Course (CD)
  208. Download RTN 950 Commissioning Guide.PDF (Web LCT)
  209. Download WCDMA RF Optimization (Huawei)
  210. LTE RRC
  211. Intro to LTE & LTE advanced
  212. Download Course_flow_GSM
  213. Download iPasolink 200 user manual
  214. Genex Probe 2.3 user Manual for Drive Test
  215. CAMEl intelligent network for GPRS GSM and UMTS networks
  216. Wimax Rf Systems Engineering
  217. GSM timer Details
  218. WiMax VS LTE PPT
  219. 3G PPT
  220. PDH & SDH course(NEC confidential)
  221. Original GSM/EDGE: Evolution and Performance
  222. Software Radio Technologies
  223. Radio Access Network Dimensioning for 3G UMTS
  224. 3G UMTS security
  225. Download Digital Modulation Techniques
  226. LTE L1/L2 simulation
  227. UMTS Network Planning, Optimization, and Inter-Operation with GSM
  228. Introduction to Random Signal Analysis and Kalman Filtering
  229. Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms
  230. 2 LTE poster
  231. EPRE???
  232. Technical paper on "Protocol Signaling Procedures in LTE"
  233. Uplink Capacity and Interference Avoidance for Two-Tier Femtocell Networks
  234. Cell Search in 3GPP Long Term Evolution Systems
  237. Performance of Open Access Femtocells in 4G Macrocellular Networks
  238. Self-Organization for LTE Enterprise Femtocells
  239. Download Optically Amplified WDM Networks
  240. download:Handover Adaptation for Dynamic Load Balancing in 3GPP Long Term Evolution S
  241. DAMM, one of TETRA Manufactures
  242. Download Transmission Techniques for Emergent Multicast and Broadcast Systems
  243. Download Microstrip and Printed Antennas: New Trends, Techniques and Applications
  244. Download Alcatel Alarm dictinary
  245. download : GEMS (software for antenna design such as antenna handphone)
  246. RNC Guide to Avoiding Network Problems-20110526-A-V1.6
  247. RFID Smart Antennas Systems
  248. WDM Networks
  249. On PHY and MAC performance of 3G-LTE in a multi-hop cellular environment
  250. Artevea, a British TETRA Manufactures